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EMPOWERMENT. If you have heard of NLP!!!!
Created as a vehicle to assist people to break away from the trance that many find themselves stuck in. This trance is the trance of DIS-EMPOWERMENT.
Re-patterning sessions focus on creating new neural pathways in the brain, and creating positive changes to how one thinks and feels. This empowers one to achieve extraordinary REAL WORLD results. A Re-patterning session is a shortcut to success. This group will discuss the work of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Christopher Howard, Amy Cuddy, Joe Dispenza and other leading thinkers. This meet up is also about action and producing 'real world results'.

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FREE - Incantations and the unconscious mind. Eliminate negative self talk

I have heard people say, "I can't begin my day without a coffee". Some people heavily rely upon stimulants to give them the "pick me up" required.

There is another way. It involves us getting high on life through moving your body. This can be achieved by exercising. It can also be done through incantations.

An Incantation is an affirmations with movement. When you move your body, and simultaneously state what you want, you accelerate your ability to impact your unconscious mind to do your bidding. When you give a strong verbal command and move your body with volition you activate different parts of your brain. You actually have three brains, not one. An affirmation can be spoken out loud, or it can be spoken in your thoughts.

An incantation cannot be done in your mind. It requires a person to use their voice, their arms, their legs and even the whole body. You see, the largest part of the unconscious mind is the body. Think of the unconscious mind and the nervous system of the body as synonymous.

When you move with volition and state what you want with power and authority, you will feel good and your confidence will increase.

Many of the rich, happy and successful use a powerful routine to start their day. Many of them have a routine or ritual that gives them a dose of natural drugs. You see, your brain is a pharmaceutical factory. Your brain produced and dispenses chemicals via a part of the brain called the hyper-thalamus.

When you give yourself a morning dose of chemicals you will become more awake, productive and happy.

This morning Dose should consists of Dopamine, Oxycontin, serotonin and endorphins.

In this meet up we will discuss how to begin your day. Please come prepared to share those routines and things that you have chosen to do in order to get your ready for your day.

What habits help you to begin each day with a winning mindset?

The research suggests that Modelling behaviour is highly effective and leads to rapid progress. Therefore we will discuss some really successful people and the way that they start their day. We will discuss famous people including.....

Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Joe Dispenza and others.

Tony Robbins start his day with a routine that includes incantations, visualisation, a prayer of gratitude, and breathing exercises and a cold plunge.

Tim Ferris has a morning routine, and so do thousands of really successful and highly motivated people worldwide.

Joe Dispenza has a 2 hour meditation routine.

Wim Hof does breathing techniques and cold exposure as his morning routine.

How about you? How do you begin your day?

This meet up will discuss very powerful routines that have the ability to transform a life, elevate health and eliminate all negative self talk in only a few months.

Create for yourself a morning routine that does the following.
- promotes great health.

- stretches you emotionally.

- gives purpose and creates meaning for life.

- increases your happiness and sense of well being.

- creates a desire for you to contribute to the lives of others.

- stimulates growth and progress.

Free - Ultimate love and Relationships workshop.

Online event

Nothing is better than a relationship filled with love and Passion. Often when you are in a new relationship you feel alive and fulfilled in every way. Is it possible to get that back? Is it possible to never let the passion die in the first place?

In this workshop you will be introduced to three resistors that prevent you from having and enjoying the relationship that you desire. (There are 3 resistors, and these resistors cause you to settle for connection when you really want love. These resistors cause you to focus your energy on other things like work or health. These resistors cause you to become more selfish, and egocentric in your views and in your relationship. These resistors prevent you from investing time and energy into the relationship).

You will be introduced to various love drugs. (well, at lease we will talk about them). Your brain is a pharmaceutical factory that produces and dispenses chemicals via the hyper-thalamus.

We will also discuss passion, intimacy and commitment, which are all necessary as you build a firm foundation with your lover. We will also discuss Consummate love, which is a very high level of love, and one that most people really do want. How do I know this? One of our human needs is love. Love is not a luxury. Love is a need!

If you are in a relationship or on the prowl, If you have been divorced or have never been in a committed relationship, or perhaps have not had the dating or relationship opportunities that you desire, this workshop will be helpful as we explore relationships together.

If you are single, learn all that you can about relationships so that when you meet someone that causes your heart to skip a beat, you will better understand what is happening. When it comes to having a successful relationship selection is about 80%. Learning and practicing simple principles will help you to develop the tools to begin your relationship with a better understanding of how to build a solid foundation. Then you can create the relationship that you desire. The best way to predict the future is to create it. There are some really fun dating tools.

If you are in a relationship, or marriage, there are tools available here that when applied, will help you to enhance your relationship beyond belief. NLP tools can be used to build deep rapport, and enhanced communication . You will discover why your lover and you both approach sex differently, and how to recognise and expand passion and pleasure inside your relationship.

Create a relationship vision and a happy future together.

Online event


This workshop is designed to help you create a relationship vision, and is suitable for singles and couples.

When love is genuinely and authentically expressed, it is enormously powerful. Research suggests that many couples experience transactional exchanges and unfulfilled expectations. This can result in one or both feeling less than positive about the health of their relationship. Research suggests that most couples wait 6 years after the first sign of trouble to receive any type of help.

Relationship education and emotional mastery are key component to creating happiness and success in couples and families.

When you have a strong belief that the game of relationships is winnable, and you apply practical tools and disciplines, you will give yourself the best chance for success. When you get your unconscious mind working toward that vision, you will soon discover that it is working for you.

The research clearly shows that the most effective way to get results comes from the process of modelling. Happy couples provide a blueprint that can be learned and followed.

Happy couples attest that the quality of any relationship improves as a result of focus, purpose, and shared vision.

By attending this webinar and creating a compelling future relationship vision, you will give your relationship the attention, care, and commitment it requires. You will take part in activities designed to heal past hurts, get you excited about your future, so that you can live in the present, and love your life.

Remember that the word TIME in intimate relationships translates to L -O -V -E!

When you invest energy into your relationship and dance with your fears, you will love more openly and connect more deeply.

The antitheses of a happy relationship is FEAR resulting from past hurts, past pain, and past failures. Yet it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Fairy dust has an expiry date, and therefore we must prepare and watch out for the 5 common relationship challenges. This webinar will help you identify and deal with these challenges as they arise. During this webinar experience, you will participate in a group emotional clearing process designed to re-write your entire history including past trauma.

Bonus Offer -
By signing up you will receive.
1. Access to the 4 hour webinar with Seminar Leader, Life coach, former Australia national Karate champion, and excitement specialist Joshua Roy.
2. A copy of the webinar so that you can revisit the session and reinforce those things that you have learned.
3. A digital copy of a workbook that works hand in hand with the webinar content.

The real power of this relationship webinar is the use of mindset re-patterning tools that will be used by the seminar leader to ensure change at an unconscious level.

Paid Webinar - Maintaining high levels of Intimacy inside your relationship

Please note that this webinar is suitable for singles and couples.

As you communicate with your lover, you sometimes wish that they could really understand you. You may often get frustrated because of different priorities, different ways of processing information, and different needs that you both have.

Understanding the masculine and feminine energies can really help you to gain clarity about what your lover really wants and needs.

Even more heartfelt understanding comes as you explore the five love languages developed by Gary Chapman. This can give you a strong base for effective communication that reaches the deepest and most intimate levels.

There are five levels of communication, and high functioning relationships operate on the deepest levels of communication which are feelings and needs. It is great to use clichés, talk about facts, and share opinions, however, you want to establish an ability to have awakened, and naked communication (you don't have to be naked to have this type of communication).

Some people say "Whenever I want to talk about something of importance, he/she shuts down or walks away".

Others say, "In our relationship, there are taboo topics that my lover just avoids and will not discuss".

Past programming, past conditioning, and recurring patterns of being judged, criticized, manipulated, and being made to feel like you are broken can reduce your self confidence.

High functioning relationships follow the 5-1 rule which is 5 compliments to each criticism. Furthermore high functioning relationships have the freedom to express what is important to them and have a deep and meaningful connection with their lover.

Competition (power plays) can be a relationship destroyer. The focus rather needs to be on cooperation and teamwork.

Learn and understand the difference between co-dependent relationships, independent relationships, and interdependent relationships. Realise that you and your lover can make changes that will impact the level of intimacy that you enjoy.

In order to make changes, you need to recognise what is currently happening, stop the destructive behaviours, and then fill your heart with forgiveness and gratitude.

The real power of this relationship webinar is the use of mindset re-patterning tools that will be used by the seminar leader to ensure change at an unconscious level of mind.

This webinar will be held via Zoom.
Bonus - Received a copy of the webinar for later review.

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