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This is a support group for men that struggle with confidence, low self-esteem, "nice guy" issues, struggling to land relationships, fearing rejection, seeking approval, etc. I started this group because I feel what we do is an extension of our pain. I used to suffer from "nice guy syndrome" and ended up changing my life around by getting past my comfort zone, living with a social dynamics coach, attending seminars, meeting like-minded people, and learning how to turn fear into opportunity. Looking forward to helping men that go through similar issues see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Let's Talk About Neediness

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Hey guys, I know several of you were unable to make the first event last month, but wanted to setup another event around Neediness. Neediness is one of the most universal unattractive behaviors that we convey to others on an unconscious level based on certain triggers that we tend to be unaware of. We all have our basic needs that we look to fulfill, but many times fear plays a big role if our "needs" are not met. Neediness can turn into desperation or clingy behavior and plays a big role on how we sub-communicate our intention towards others. What does Neediness mean to you? What triggers it and what type of behaviors do you convey to others when in this fearful state of mind? We will discuss and speak about neediness and learn about best practices on how to manage neediness. **Please note that the room I book charges at an hourly rate so will be charging $5 per person to fill the room costs** Please RSVP by Friday August 16th. Room # 16I

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Overview of Common Nice Guy Issues

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