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March 2018 - MongoDB User Group - MongoDB 3.6 Change Streams

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March 2018 - MongoDB User Group - MongoDB 3.6 Change Streams


• What we'll do
We'll have two presentations on the MongoDB 3.6 change streams feature.

Harry Wolff: In this talk you will be introduced to Change Streams. What they are and how to use them.

From there we're going to put our knowledge to to the test. We'll upgrade an existing application built using React and GraphQL and add some real-time behavior powered by GraphQL Subscriptions and MongoDB Change Streams.

Real time applications for the win!


Aly Cabral: Real-time feedback is an essential part of modern application development where developers want to sync across platforms, systems, and users to provide better end-user experiences. In MongoDB 3.6, change streams will empower developers to easily leverage the power of MongoDB's internal real-time functionality to react to relevant data changes immediately. This session introduces change streams and walks you through developing against them. We will dive into use cases and explore how to make good architectural decisions around this new functionality.
229 W. 43rd St, 5th Floor · New York, NY
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