What we're about

The purpose of this group is to organize New York city events where multiple technology and business Meetup groups band together to create events with larger and more diverse crowds enabling tech and business professionals to network, further their careers, learn new trends in the industry, find new opportunities, promote new business, discover job opportunities, find people to hire or collaborate with and get plugged in to the local tech and business scene.

This group is for all tech and business professionals who want to attend MultiGroup events where they can find larger and more diverse crowds.

We are also looking for organizers who run tech and/or business Meetup groups who would like to join together with other groups to participate in MultGroup events. This will have the effect of promoting your own group to more people as well as taking part in events that will have more attendees due to the MultiGroup effect.

In order to help organize these events, they will be posted on http://www.MultiGroupEvents.com which is a site that combines events posted across multiple meetup groups into one event page with a single RSVP list including all the RSVP's from the participating groups. All of the Participating groups are also listed with links back to the individual event posts.

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