What we're about

This workshop is to start the healing process, to start to fill the void in our hearts. To feel comforted and freedom from pain. To understand and accept the process of life and death.

The pain of the loss of a pet can be as agonizing, or more so, than the loss of a family member or a very close friend. The bond is very special and, when it is gone, many are left in terrible grief.

My name is Grey Wolf. I am a Reiki Master (https://www.greywolfprofessionalcoach.com/)

• Professional Meditation Instructor
• Certified Hypnotist
• and Certified Professional Coach

I was very fortunate to have my English Bulldog, Frances, in my life for over 13 years. I was totally devastated when she left me but I’ve found the valuable lessons she taught me during her life have continued on through her spirit and helped me to heal. I want to share that with you.

In a safe space geared for healing and moving forward we will discuss practices designed to help you break through grief and sadness while still remembering your pet with tremendous love.

A picture of one’s pet is encouraged.

If you have any questions please email Grey at four4@aol.com.

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