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Share your Poetry/Writing workshop
We meet in the cafe. In case you need to find me, my number is in the comments • What we'll do Everyone brings copies of one of their poem/written work. Rest of them get the copy while the person reads their work. Everyone then verbally or by writing on the copy give feedback about the piece (good and bad) Feedback should be constructive in nature. We repeat for all the poets in the room. You take your copies back. • What to bring Copies of your work. One pen. • Important to know You bring copies of your work. Remain silent while others give you feedback even if you disagree Give only feedback that is constructive

Barnes and Nobles, Union Square, east 17th street, 3rd floor in the caferia area,Manhattan, New York

Union Square · Manhattan new york, NY

What we're about

Like Poetry? Like Prose? Write Poetry? Write Prose?
Come by then and work with fellow poets and writers of all levels. A place to share your work to receive constructive feedback. How it works?
Get copies of your poem or short story. Distribute it to the group.
You read aloud your work.
Then the rest comment/critique while you listen in silence.
Idea is to get perspective on your work
Grow as a poet, as a writer

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