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Our objective for this Meetup is to get people from all industries to come together, engage in open discussion, and learn about business process improvement methodologies that can ultimately help any business automate, scale and grow.

By learning the complexities of process improvement, you can take any process (input to output or energy to value), understand it fundamentally, and optimize it to eliminate waste, reduce lead time, promote innovation, enhance quality, and much more.

Process improvement is not just for business, but also applies to your personal life (e.g. doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.). By understanding process, you can always figure out how to do more for less.

Join us and let's learn together!

If you would like to view the materials from our previous sessions, you can access all the slides on Slideshare.net: http://www.slideshare.net/SamuelChinPMP/

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Make Your Project Vision Work: Value-based Requirements vs Solution Thinking

Ever have a stakeholder who keeps bringing conversations back to what they want see as the final product before the work has started? This is called 'solution thinking', and it's a common thing in any organization. After all, it makes sense to focus on the goal when you're planning a project. But how do you ensure that the project vision actually ends up creating lasting value for your organization? In this meetup we will discuss the dangers of solution thinking and talk about how focusing instead on value-based requirements gathering will lead to stronger results. We will also discuss how to manage critical conversations and how to focus stakeholders away from solutions without creating impatience or frustration. --- NOTE how to find us: The WeWork entrance is on the 28th Street between Park South and Madison Ave, there you can check in and go to the 8th Floor (the main Community Floor) where the event will take place. The nearest subway stop is at 28th Street on the 6 Line and the RW Line on 28th Street and Broadway. --- The New York Business Process Professionals Meetup was founded in February 2016 by Sam Chin, a process professional and consultant based here in NYC. Sam's goal was to create a space for developing the theory and frameworks of process work in both the theoretical and practical sense, and to this end he has built up a series of slide decks which outline the various topics discussed in the group. You can view a collection of all the slides from past discussions over on http://www.slideshare.net/SamuelChinPMP

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