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Process Science: The Study of Energy Flow
Despite common perceptions, there is more to process improvement than frameworks and tool kits. In this meetup, we will discuss the study of process as a science, and how this new discipline of "process science" relates to the more traditional scientific disciplines, particularly the natural sciences. We will cover how and why process improvement work can be best understood in terms of the flow of energy through the universe. Attendees will learn how the study of process science isn't just crucial for business growth, but can offer a key to unlocking our universal questions about the nature and purpose of life as we know it. --- NOTE how to find us: The WeWork entrance is on the 28th Street between Park South and Madison Ave, there you can check in and go to the 8th Floor (the main Community Floor) where the event will take place. The nearest subway stop is at 28th Street on the 6 Line and the RW Line on 28th Street and Broadway. --- The New York Business Process Professionals Meetup was founded in February 2016 by Sam Chin, a process professional and consultant based here in NYC. Sam's goal was to create a space for developing the theory and frameworks of process work in both the theoretical and practical sense, and to this end he has built up a series of slide decks which outline the various topics discussed in the group. You can view a collection of all the slides from past discussions over on

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