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Machine Learning 101 for Non Programmers and Non Stat Audience $99 [3 hrs]
If you have attended a class before with us then you might classify for a discount! Machine learning is going to disrupt a lot of industries in the next decade. Whether it be driverless cars,cashierless shops, personal assistant or AI physicians, the effect of machine learning will be pervasive. Prepare for the next big disruption. This class assumes you don’t have any programming background. However, it is recommended to have a basic understanding in Python. Understanding of Pandas Python Library will help a lot. You will know when to run supervised or unsupervised learning for your data, whether to use classification or regression model, how to handle categorical vs continuous data. After the data is ready you will learn how to split the data and analyze the final results. We will use a lot of images to delineate different terms and topics used in Machine Learning. Although we would use classical datasets like IRIS, Titanic, etc but you will be scale and use your data for the models learned in the session. Takeaways include developing basic vocabulary for: Run machine learning models on your data using the setup learTopics covered: Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning Regression vs Classification models Categorical vs Continuous feature spaces Python Scikit-learn Library Modeling Fundamentals: Test-train split, Cross validation(CV), Bias–variance tradeoff, Precision and Recall, Ensemble models Interpreting Results of Regression and Classification Models Parameters and Hyper Parameters Dimension Reduction SVM K-Nearest Neighbor Neural Networks Projects for the session (Python): Understanding and Interpreting results of Regression and Logistic Regression using Google Spreadsheets and Python Calculating R-Square, MSE, Logit manually for enhanced understanding Understanding features of Popular Datasets: Titanic, Iris and Housing Prices Running Logistic Regression on Titanic Data Set Running Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM and Random Forest on Iris Dataset Post Session Assessment: Top 20 machine learning interview question ned in class Make data ready, choose and configure the correct model for your data Interpret results of your machine learning algorithm

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New York Python SQL Bootcamp Coding Classes (Affordable & Cost-effective Machine Learning). Best Free classes in NYC. SQL 101 & Python 101 Classes. Big Data Science Classes for beginners interested in Analytics & Data Science. Weekend part time and full time classes in Manhattan & Queens. 1 on 1 Tutoring also available. Free weekend 2hrs class. Small group courses (2-3 attendees), free takes and 1 on 1 : Python 101, Python Data Science Immersive Python for Data Analytics. VBA Macros Immersive. SQL 1 day Class.Project and Portfolio Oriented on weekends and also free evening classes in NYC. Upload your portfolio to get better job. Best Python Class in NYC. FREE RETAKES.


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Hosting meet ups for non programmers to learn Python at an affordable price.

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No coding experience necessary and we welcome everyone including school kids, investors, software engineers, developers, community organizers, coders, and enthusiasts in Python.

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Python is the most famous language and perhaps the sought-after scripting language which can be used for several purposes including web, analytics, artificial intelligence, autpmation, etc . For tech-savvy students who want to leg up on the competitive market by building critical computer skills early in life or for career change.

Python is extensively used also in visualization and data handling. This meet up offers hands-on instruction in both creative and practical manner. Experienced instructors who encourage the first timers / students to use their imagination while exploring fundamentals and emerging technologies.

We try to keep the offering individualized in a small class format with low student to teacher ratio. Instructors are not only experienced but also adept in creating a fun tailored program.

Several Classes, tutorials, courses scheduled for the coming weeks.

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