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QTUM Tech Meetup at Columbia University

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Qtum is an open source blockchain platform built on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, with support for Ethereum Virtual Machine and more upcoming virtual machines based smart contracts and secured by a proof of stake consensus model aimed at talking industry use cases. With its main net launched in September 2017, QTUM currently has about 50 Dapps built on it.

QTUM is happy to have its first tech meetup at Yale along with SpaceChain, Bodhi and CertiK. During the meetup we have QTUM co-founder and lead developer unveil the progress of X86 virtual machine and reveal QTUM’s first global hackathon.

QTUM is also excited to present along with two of its Dapps SpaceChain and Bodhi. The SpaceChain OS is a universal space OS that can convert single-operator satellites into multi-tenant ones, thus users can develop different types of space-based applications on a single satellite. And Bodhi is a decentralized prediction market platform, which has been launched on QTUM main net recently.

Also CertiK, a formal verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems with extensive collaboration with QTUM, will share with us at the event their understanding about blockchain security.

Co-host: QTUM, Bodhi, SpaceChain, CertiK
1. 17:00-17:30 Reception
2. 17:30-18:30 QTUM, Bodhi, SpaceChain, CertiK presentation followed by a 5 min QA each;
3. 18:30-19:00 Q&A for all guest
4. 19:00-20:00 Mingle

Preferred audience: anyone who is interested in blockchain tech.
We have food and drinks for all.

Come to learn more.