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Welcome brave souls! This group is about killing your fear of being turned down...by a person, for a job, for a question...When you have practiced getting rejected, you start to become fearless, and whatever is holding you back from going after your dreams does not seem that scary anymore!

I was inspired by Jia Jiang's youtube channel "100 Days of Rejection" to try rejection therapy once before and it was so effective for me, I have been craving to try it again with others.

Check out his TED talk What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection:


Some examples of rejection challenges are:

1. Ask a stranger to borrow $100
2. Ask for a tour of a restaurant's kitchen
3. Ask a friend to stop using Facebook
4. Anything that someone will probably say NO! to

If you get rejected you have achieved success. If you fail to get a rejection, you unfortunately were not successful that day in getting rejected and your rejection practice.

The effect of rejection therapy is you feel like "no" is not scary at all and everything becomes possible, even your wildest dreams. I have done it myself and it's one of the most effective things I've ever tried. Suddenly the world opens up and what you thought you couldn't do seems like just another day of rejection practice.

As Jia, the 100 Days of Rejection Challenge guy, says, don't reject yourself before anyone else has a chance to.

In this meetup, we will meet at the Whole Foods Union Square upstairs dining area together and chat and then I and any one else who wants to will attempt to do a "rejection challenge". If you don't want to do one yourself you can observe my attempt, pretending to be a casual bystander, as I utterly humiliate myself and try to get rejected.

We can also support each other in any challenges or insights we have along the way.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Also if you want, like the Facebook group I have created for the NYC Rejection Club where I will post updates and we can chat online: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkRejectionTherapy/

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Lets meet to do some rejection challenges

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Lets meet to do some rejection challenges

Bryant Park Grill/Cafe

Lets meet to get rejected

Bryant Park Grill/Cafe

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