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You've just hit FADE OUT on your first draft. Now what? Workshop, workshop, and workshop some more. Then revise, then workshop, then revise until you're ready for the Table Read. This new group is for brave screenwriters only who will fiercely commit to workshop their scripts to enhance their skill in the art and craft of visual storytelling. Joining this group means you MUST have fully completed at least one script. This group, and I stress, is NOT for beginners. This group is for intense analysis and constructive feedback on all aspects of your script. Meetings will be held every two weeks at a convenient location equipped with outlets, tables, unlimited coffee, light snacks and super fast WIFI. A one dollar fee (yes, a single buck!) is due at the time of the meetup to help fund the meetup page fee only. Unlike other meetups, no one is making a profit off this group.

PLEASE READ! IMPORTANT: To be a part of this group, you MUST purchase a monthly membership with KettleSpace. A $5 discount was made available for us which means your fee will only be $20 per month. For this nominal fee, you will be entitled to 10 hours of work time and space at any of their many work locations around the boroughs. That's only $2 per hour! The locations are dedicated spaces, not noisy Panera's or Starbucks or places that want to kick you out with pissy writers standing over you shooting passive-aggressive dirty looks your way. And, the monthly membership fee INCLUDES coffee with as many refills as you want, popcorn, chips, pretzels, high-speed WIFI, and a healthy reservoir of outlets! So for less than the combination of the subway fare you pay going to Starbucks, time spent finding a seat, time spent standing around feeling awkward waiting for a seat, time spent looking/begging for a free outlet and money spent paying for an overpriced chai tea latte, you will set up and start writing in minutes with like-minded folks. Make this low-cost investment in yourself and in your writing career NOW instead of making Starbucks richer by pouring your money into cups of high-cost coffee and high-calorie desserts! And feel good about it by shaming me for spending $50,000 getting a MFA at AFI!

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