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Psychologists speculate as to the cause(s) of distress and suggest ways to alleviate it. As if, by doing so, their patients will be empowered to think or act differently. What this can do, effectively, is to create a dependence, which idealizes psychotherapy.

On the other hand, by turning away from professional psychology and focusing instead on the world we inhabit and our feelings, one can often make far more realistic appraisals as to an advisable course of action. Add to this a familiarity with certain Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment terms and concepts, and you are ready to be your own psychologist; that is, to think for yourself, in accord with your own hard-won experience and principles.

Of course, I make no claim to truth. In fact, your input is not only appreciated and valued but essential. So, if you resonate with the above -- or would like respectfully to disagree -- I encourage you to join this meet-up and, even more, to participate in in-person and board discussions. I would especially like to appeal to seekers, artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, minorities and millennials, from the left to the right of the political spectrum, who are interested in creating a world in which we all can thrive and happily pass on to future generations.

Be heard! Be recognized! Be you!

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