What we're about

Many people long to meet their SOULMATE. What exactly IS a soulmate? SOULmate implies a deep, spiritual connection. In fact, there are three types of soul mates, and each kind provides an opportunity for growth, whether they are meant to be a lifelong partner or not. This group is designed to explore the three types of soul mates, and to help each and every member to find and keep a longterm, loving partner. My name is Jonathan Berkowitz, and I am a Psychic and Soulmate Specialist. This is my passion...please allow me to assist you on your journey towards REAL LOVE.

What this group is NOT is a dating group, a place to pickup members, or to practice seduction techniques. The intention is to create a safe space where we can all explore the spiritual and psychological aspects of self and relationship. If you REALLY want a healthy, loving, meaningful longterm relationship, this is the place to explore what hasn't worked, and what DOES.