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Winter Solstice Healing Circle: Prayer, Sound Meditation + Sufi Dance
Join us for our monthly Healing Circle & Whirling practice. We gather to let go of our small selves and remember our divinity within. This month we welcome back CRS Founder Yasuko Kasaki to lead our prayer. And we'll be welcoming the Winter Solstice with live music by Tomchess of the American Sufi Project! It's such a joy to whirl with live music so we'll be devoting extra time to that. Through meditation, music, prayer, poetry and the whirling dance of the sufis, we join together in unity and experience our limitlessness. Please do not eat for two hours before the start to reduce your chance of feeling sick during the whirling, and wear only solid colors as patterns can distract the eyes of those who are whirling. The participation fee is $20 with advanced registration and $25 on the day of the class. Direct registration link: Through whirling, we learn to trust ourselves to go off balance, to be dizzy, to surrender control as we give ourselves over to prayer and connect with a greater power, the still center within, around which we turn, that we may share our divine strength and bear witness to the divinity in others. If you are quiet and in a state of prayer when you Turn, offering everything of yourself to God, then when your body is spinning, there is a completely still point in the center… The heavens respond; and all the invisible kingdoms join in the dance. But the world does not understand. They think we Turn in order to go into some sort of trance. It is true that sometimes we do go into that state you call ecstasy, but that is only when we know and experience at the same time. We do not Turn for ourselves. We turn around in the way we do so that the Light of God may descend upon the earth. As you act as a conduit in the Turn, the light comes through the right hand, and the left hand brings it into this world… We turn for God and for the world, and it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine. — Mevlevi Shaikh Suleyman Hyatt Dede Sufi Dance Instructor Lále Sayoko was one of the founding members of Japan's famous Samanyolu professional bellydance group, and has since developed her own solo career touring with UK's Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers on a 44 city tour of the UK, to Turkey's Baba Zula, to the Bella Gaia multimedia Earth from Space journey show. Lale aspires for dance to be a powerful communicator though traditional technique and spiritual embodiment. She has lately been studying Sufi dance with Rana Gorgani and in April 2018 Gorgani awarded her the International Sufi Dance Certification Of Cid UNESCO, granting her authority to teach Gorgani's method of Sufi dance training. Tomchess (oud, ney, et al) is an NYC–based multi-instrumentalist, improviser, and composer who has played and recorded with some of the most esteemed players in the improvisational scene (Dewey Redman, Butch Morris, Pharoah Sanders, Drew Gress, Ronald Shannon Jackson) as well as Moroccan sintarist Hassan Hakmoun. He has performed around the world and at NYC venues like Lincoln Center, the Turkish and Pakistani embassies, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the U.N. He has played on Grammy-nominated recordings and was awarded grants from the Turkish American Society and the Maryland Council for the Arts. Yasuko Kasaki (meditation/prayer) is an internationally beloved spiritual writer, counselor, healer, and lecturer from Tokyo. The founder of CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing), the only spiritual center devoted to the teaching and practice of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) in NYC, she is widely recognized as the person most responsible for the spread of ACIM throughout Japan. She has taught and worked with 1000s of people from around the world to help resolve their issues and witness miracles. She is the author of 16 books in Japanese about ACIM. Meditation and communication with Holy Spirit form the foundation of her classes.

CRS (Center for Remebering & Sharing)

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Together we’ll create a sacred space in which we can safely listen to and share our true selves and experience oneness with the Divine. Through meditation, prayer, drumming, singing, poetry, and the whirling dance of the sufis, we join together in unity and experience our limitlessness. You don't have to be a Sufi or a Muslem. Our practice is open to anyone who sincerely desires to experience unity.

While there is only one truth, there are many expressions of it, and many traditions and communities of Sufis. We have primarily learned from and follow the teaching of the Paris-based Sufi Dance artist Rana Gorgani, who is herself of Iranian descent and studied among the gypsies of Iran.

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