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Are you a young corporate woman who tends to dwell on your mistakes & failures? Do you suffer from high anxiety, feel stressed out all the time & sick in the stomach dreading going to work? I'm here for YOU!

Do you lack confidence in yourself, your abilities & convince yourself that you're not worthy, you are not smart, you are not beautiful and don't deserve to be in this role at work? Well my friend, let's help YOU change this mindset.

This is a fun group for young corporate women in New York who are struggling with self-confidence & want to make new friends, explore creativity & identify the road blocks that have been holding you back from pursuing your dreams.

I help and empower young women to identify the roadblocks that have been holding you back due to fear, build self-esteem & self-confidence, explore creativity, help you discover your authentic self & improve your overall well being.

Activities include:

-Wine & Mindfulness Night

I am a Creative Mentor, Marketing Manager, Teacher, Speaker, Artist & Role Model for young women. Find out more: www.creativechandi.com (http://www.creativechandi.com/)




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