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Let's have fun and make money!

New to Crypto? Want to know how to Invest in Crypto? Have a project that you would like Women WIN in Crypto to invest in? Want to help create a global circle of Women WIN in Crypto Investment Clubs?

Our God in Crypto is Andreas Antonopolus. If you want to learn as much as you can as soon as possible, WE invite you to watch youtube videos that feature him, such as: https://youtu.be/Vwsx4GpbmIQ

In New York City, and in sister meetups in other areas of the world, WE focus on fun and interactive ways to learn and support each other in educating ourselves and others, using, trading and investing in CRYPTO!

Also, join our slack group where we are discussing the formation of our global Women in Crypto Circle Investment Club. WE already have circles forming in cities in the USA, England, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Israel, Japan, and more.

To get started, become a Free Member here and find out more about how to participate in your area of the world in our global WomenInCrypto.Net Circle Investment Club.

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