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Let's meetup and learn the craft of story telling. Learn to plot fiction.
Fiction, fiction, fiction. For those write any kind of fiction, from short stories, to novels, from plays/screenplays, to series, to movies. This is not just for writers, but for editors, agents, actors, producers, directors. Something that looms over you can be fixed. Follow in the footsteps of Arthur Miller. This is not a workshop, but rather a course in analyzing great fiction, doing simple exercises to really understand what are the elements of story. What works and what you say your dog wrote. We cover story the way you would build a house. You just don't buy concrete and wood and pipes, then figure out what to do with them. Knowing the elements of fiction makes writing easier and opens your eyes to making it better. Making changes of all sorts. This "class" is a bit of work, but if you are committed to pen on paper, a big light bulb will start glowing in your head. It's, "Oh, that's how it's done." I find this method fun, as well as illuminating. Think of it as your fitness coach for writing. We'll be a small clan. no more than about six smarties. BONUS: once you have a working knowledge of story, you'll have one-on-one sessions on your work.

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Story--all kinds of fiction are stories. This is not a workshop, more like a class with some reading and writing. Learn the basics of creating fiction--character, dialog, motivation, and most importantly, what a story is, how does it start, what are complications, the crisis and resolution. You'll be able to say the story of something you work on in one sentence, the major dramatic question. We'll analyze short stories, plays and novels to see their structure. Plus there are some short written exercises, and you can work on something you're writing.

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