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What we’re about

The secret to being a brilliant writer isn’t a secret at all: write every day and get feedback from good teachers. At the New York Writer’s Intensive, we’ll get you writing in an environment that’s fun and supportive, giving you the feedback, structure, and social support to help you get started and find your rhythm. 

The New York Writers’ Intensive is for you if any of these apply to you: 

• You want to write but you need help getting started. 

• You want guidance, support, and feedback on your writing. 

• You have stories to tell but you need help shaping them. 

• You want to tap into your creativity and self-expression. 

• You’ve always wanted to write but you got sucked into a career that doesn’t let you express your creativity. 

• You want to write but you have trouble finding the time. 

• You want to be part of community of writers, artists, and other talented people.