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What we’re about

• The Icelandic Language and Culture Meetup is open to all those with an interest in learning Icelandic, students of the language, as well as native speakers, to join together and practice conversation, while at the same time having fun and interacting socially!

It is also a place to join together and experience a variety of social and cultural events for those who simply have an interest in the beautiful country of Iceland!

Whatever your interest, please join us and meet a group of passionate and dedicated Icelandic language and culture buffs!

You should consider becoming a member of THE ICELANDIC LANGUAGE AND CULTURE MEETUP...

• If you've brushed up a bit on your Icelandic and would like to try your hand at speaking.
• If you're a native speaker and haven't spoken Icelandic in ages.
• If you are a student and would like to ask questions about a particular grammar topic. Feel free to come join us to ask those questions you may be embarrassed to raise your hand in class for.
• If you are a language enthusiast and were always curious about Icelandic, come and join us at multiple language based events, from happy hours to movie nights, to cultural celebrations!
• If you simply have an interest in the country and culture, come on out and join us! We're a very dedicated, energetic and passionate group!

Whatever your level, from novice to native, whatever your interest level, from casual to passionate, please join us for gatherings that are casual, friendly, relaxed, and completely bilingual. Any language and/or culture enthusiast will be sure to enjoy themselves here, and what better language, country and culture than Icelandic?

All levels encouraged and welcomed!