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This meetup would be geared to baby boomers and others approaching retire.ent age, who are contemplating way's in which they want to spend the next chapter of life
Financially, will you have enough money to live comfortably once your weekly paycheck stops and social security kicks in.
I also feel like I want to start these next years with a bang. One great adventure to revive my spirit, arouse my curiosity and make me feel fresh and new and maybe even a little scared.
There are a number of countries that are attracting people of retirement age to move abroad and live for alot less then here. Speaking for myself, I'm single and would probably decide on a country, give it a try, all on my own. Do-able yes, desirable not so much.
Meet up might be helpful, I thought. If I'm thinking about this, maybe others are to.
Honestly, this isn't a new thought for me. It's been rolling around in my brain for a while, I keep thinking while the idea keeps rolling but here I remain. Help!
I would love to meet others that have similar thoughts. Maybe we can help motivate each other.

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