What we're about

This meet up is for all age groups to experiment with and to experience powerful breath meditation, pyramid energy and new age wisdom workshops in owns own growth and transformation !

Out emphasis is on practice, practice and practice. The more one meditates, the more one understands himself/ herself.

Everyone who practices meditation understands immediately the core Spiritual Science principle that "We are all Gods , We have unlimited potential, and We create our own realities all the time". As you sow, so you reap ! That's why, everyone is called a Master in our group.

So whether you are a curious child, a budding youth or an experimental adult – you are welcome to come and discover your potential. This meet up group can help to accelerate your spiritual development and promote a healthy, wealthy, creative and a loving lifestyle woven with the fabric of Friendship !

This meet up occurs in a beautiful meditation centre hosted by SoulTrends, a new age spiritual centre. Mesmerising ambience, soothing music and comfortable seating makes this centre a perfect meditation spot. Free meditation is taught for everyone, and all members practice group meditation together under the guidance of masters in high energy pyramid chambers.

Wisdom workshops on various new age spiritual topics are held regularly to enhance once knowledge. Personal and spiritual counselling with experienced masters is available.

Come join us ... in to this ever growing group of Masters !

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