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Trendy areas/restaurants are easy to find but there are many great places that locals love. The goal of the group is to introduce adults new to Denver (within the past 2 years) to 1) parts of town and places that natives know and love and 2) one another. This group is targeted to adults 35+ as there seem to be many other groups for the 20's crowd!

This group will meet to dine in a surprise location on a weeknight. Monthly mixers allow you to find even more newbies. We will meet at a restaurant or venue and you'll learn a bit about that particular neighborhood or part of town. A couple of days prior to the meetup, you'll receive a message with the location. You'll pay your own way and cost will vary. Check price range and general description in the announcement before you sign up! Most events will be limited to 8 participants so that we can visit smaller places and be able to get a chance to converse with all. 24 hr. cancellation required -- if you are a no-show more than once, you will be dropped from the list. Thanks!

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