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As of 7th June 2019, the New to GC & Hinterland social group for ladies in their 40's will be managed entirely from the following Facebook Group page (using the same group name);

https://www.facebook.com/groups/24938091372... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2493809137296465/)

IF YOU DO NOT USE FACEBOOK (this option is specifically for members as of 6th June 2019)- please feel free to email me at the following email address if you are comfortable with me sending you the upcoming events and links by email:- integralhealingtherapies@live.com.au
kind regards, Mel (Admin)

You are "new" to the Gold Coast & Hinterland region (0 - 12 months).
You are a lady in her forties interested in socialising and the possibility of connecting with like-minded women for friendship.
You are confident, curious and adventurous - NOT seeking workshops or quasi "experts" for hand-holding or guidance back to health, wholeness [INSERT TOPIC HERE]...
You are already aware of your inner strength, wisdom and have a great sense of self.
You understand the importance and benefit of having supportive female friends.
You enjoy activities in the great outdoors, appreciating our wonderful region.
You prefer to participate in life rather than spectate.
You prefer to invest in experiences rather than material things.
You are mindful - you consider the impact of your actions & lifestyle.
You may be wondering, where is my tribe? Are there other ladies that also choose a healthy lifestyle and are ready to meet up and possibly create friendships, enjoying the same activities that i do?
Activities that may appeal to you;
* A walk along the beach in the morning, (1) for exercise & socialise and (2) also to remove rubbish along the way. The reward is enjoying a smoothie at a nearby wholefoods cafe afterwards with ladies in the group and also having taken beneficial action to improve our environment.
* Bush walk at Cedar Creek Falls followed by healthy lunch / brunch at Wholefoods cafe (1) Fitness (2) Food [win/win]
* Breakfast catch up followed by second-hand clothing in 1 or two stores or attending a Clothes Swap event.
Your values are aligned with, Recycle, Repair, Re-purpose. You aspire to living lightly.
> If you have read anything here that has caught your interest or warms your heart, this group may be for you.

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