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Guzzle 'n' Grub: Monthly Guns, Gear & Gab Group
FREE Admission, but MUST RESERVE a Seat by calling Russ, 208.660.8877! Join us as we order a hefty dinner at a reasonable price, just enjoying each others' company, learning, teaching & sharing. Soft drinks, as well as six packs, are available for sale and my be consumed at the tables. Any firearms brought inside for display must be enclosed in a case, magazines out, actions open, unloaded, with no ammo. Bring your appetite. Bring your questions. Bring stuff to swap or for show & tell. Bring your safety consciousness. Constitutionally-minded Citizens, NRA Instructors, Gunsmiths, Dealers, Oath Keepers and Prior Service are usually in attendance, so feel free to ask questions! Thanks! Russter Russell S. Spriggs, KI7BIV I do not text; CALL 208.660.8877 A Local, Veteran-Owned Business NRA Instructor, Home Mold Testing: Self-Sufficiency Classes:

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An Introduction from State Representative Heather Scott -

One of the many reasons Idaho is appealing to so many residents is our pro-gun culture. Most folks who enjoy being gun owners were introduced to their correct use and handling by a parent, family member or trusted friend. But for those who are new to guns or contemplating gun ownership, there can be a high intimidation factor when someone tries to hand you a pistol or rifle saying “check out my new gun”. One may feel uncomfortable with how to receive it, hold it or what to even do with it. Many of my lady friends had their first gun experience from an overexcited spouse who wanted to share in their passion for weaponry. Sometimes that can be intimidating!

The truth is unless you grew up with guns or shoot and handle them regularly, there can be a level of apprehension around guns and their handling. Fortunately for us here in Idaho and particularly here in North Idaho, there are many folks who have ample training to turn gun apprehension into gun appreciation.

Most gun classes I have taken leave me with a notebook full of concepts, a head full of techniques and basic gun function, but still wanting more. However recently I took an excellent course taught be Russell Spriggs ( ( This course gave me and the other students great specific pistol holding techniques using intense hands-on training with Air-Soft and real unloaded firearms. All of us learned the necessary skills and techniques needed to feel confident to properly handle any pistol, not matter the size or caliber. With over 50% of the class being devoted to hands-on training, I was able to handle over 13 different makes and models of pistols and feel very confident in certain techniques. Safety was constantly stressed.

Russell’s devotion and commitment to training individuals with a broad range of skill levels was evident from the very beginning and his enthusiasm never waned throughout the entire class. This class is a must for any gun owner, new or old, who wants to be more comfortable around guns, holding guns and shooting guns. After all, there is no such thing as too much training!

Rep. Heather Scott (

North Idaho

Safely develop confidence and proficiency with low-noise, no-recoil guns!

SAFETY is always paramount, and our Certified NRA Instructor provides low-key training. Using these learned skills, we can go out to a “live fire” range (where our gals often out-shoot their hubbies!).

CONFIDENCE is built as we learn to safely operate a variety of handguns. Most of us had no idea about what kind of revolver or pistol we’d like. We became familiar with terms like single-action, double-action, safeties and decockers. The challenge of “racking the slide” became easy. Safe and sensible holsters – and concealed carry purses – are now understood.

PROFICIENCY is developed because of the affordability of the equipment, as well as the ability to practice – quietly – in the privacy of our own homes. We use the same types of low-noise, no-recoil guns and ammo used by many police departments and military branches throughout the world!

EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS are welcomed, and have dramatically improved their scores by employing our techniques. In fact, professional competitive shooters spend more time with “dry practice” and sub-caliber ammunition than with live ammo. They know that the key to their success is with “muscle memory”.

Why travel to ranges, or buy expensive (and noisy!) ammunition? We have fun shooting in the privacy of our own basements, backyards, club houses and church halls. We use “real steel” handguns with affordable laser bullets. Or, we’ll use replica guns that shoot safe “airsoft” rounds. Either way, our targets can get holes, be knocked down, spin around, light up or play tunes. Our phone “apps” can even record hits for comparing or competing; this is the way to have a party, for less than a penny a shot!

JOIN US! We’ll help you get started. Our affordable Basic Pistol Class (6-10 students, $39 ea.) is the most in-depth and enjoyable training in the Inland Northwest. We provide all equipment, and you’ll also qualify for the standard Concealed Carry Permit in Idaho or Washington. Whether you are interested in target shooting, self-defense training, or just plain “plinking, we’re the group for you; sign on today!

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