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This club is all about relationship. Your relationship with your body, mind, soul and your soul mate and associated karma, belief, patterns and pain along the way.

We never meet a stranger in our life time as much as body to the soul is not a stranger, each of our relationships in this life time is about giving us required experience for the journey of our soul.It is about the promise we made to our self and to our higher self before taking birth, that we begin to manifest each of those experiences which are required for our evolution.

We commonly dub our experiences in good and bad, happiness and pain and we continue to desire without knowing what is the purpose of our life. At spirit level as much as our inner level, each experience has its reason, purpose and teaching and each of the experience is good for the soul.

Let us decode the scientific reasons behind each of the these experiences. Let us begin to change our past and let us evolve with higher level of consciousness. Change is with efforts and driven by mind and will power but transformation requires little shift in the consciousness to manifest richness, joy and abundance.

Alternate healing such as Past life regression, Tantra, meditation are all tools but do not work unless we understand the science behind it and decode the mysteries in our life. This club is an initiative by some souls vibrating at similar frequency( albeit known as like minded people) who have traveled long distances in search of questions which concerns each one of us but we never found a satisfactory answers....

For our online community and active participation in discussions etc, please join us at www.TheNewAgeFoundation.org

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