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We have change this group from the original purpose of energetic healing to a new effort we are now creating call The New Earth Society. The purpose of this new effort to help people recognize that we are the creators of our own world and if we want to see a more compassionate world exist, it must start with us! We will get together periodically to discuss and share all the different ways we can be more compassionate in our own lives - in our relationships, our careers, our families, etc. - and by doing so we help to affect those around us in a positive manner and be the pebble dropped in a still lake of water that ripples out far and wide.

Our meetings will not be a "class" in the traditional sense, but more an exploration where everyone can participate and contribute what it means to be more compassionate to them. We will open our meetings with a short meditation, start discussing one particular theme for meetings, and have everyone present contribute in whatever manner they prefer. We may end up with more questions than answers, but they will be a better quality of questions!

So please join us in helping to create The New Earth that so many people have been talking about. It is up to us to see it through...

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