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It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or seasoned pro, shooting with a one-time use camera or a high end digital, this group is all about getting out, having fun, and taking some great photos with people that share the same interests and passions about photography.

We will not only visit the well-known locations for photography, but hopefully we will visit locations that you would not think of as being photogenic, or places that you did not even know existed, or would not even think of as a place for photography.

Please note that some traveling, up to 4 hours, may be needed to attend some events. Your organizers want to get everyone out of their comfort zone (including themselves) so please feel free to suggest locations you know of, have heard of, have always wanted to go to so we can all enjoy the adventure.

**In order to provide the best experiences for our members please note that you will be removed from the group if you do not visit the group site in three months and/or have three no shows. Neither is fair to the other members.**

Membership is $15 per year to pay for the group costs with a two week free trial.

Please note, certain events will have a minimum attendance set by the organizer. This minimum is completely at the organizers discretion and is a result of the many no shows we deal with. We try to come up with interesting places to introduce the members to and some are quite a drive for us. When we go through all this planning and are expecting 5-10 members to arrive and no one does, it shows a massive lack of respect for us and the work we put into planning the event. Some groups charge for each event to limit no shows but we don't. We're not trying to make a living from these events but we deserve respect. If you change your rsvp from yes to no you will not be marked as a no show. Your organizers realize life happens but just as you'd tell your boss or a friend that you won't be there, please take a few minutes to change your rsvp. Three no shows will get you removed from the group. Please understand that these rules are as a direct result of 95% of our events having a 20% - 50% no show rate, with a few having a 100% no show.

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