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Glow-In-The-Dark Capture The Flag

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That's right ladies and gentlemen, capture the flag... with people running around in the dark wearing bright neon GLOW STICKS! This game is guaranteed to be an awesome sight to see! ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME! Don't know how to play? Don't worry, we'll teach you!

Date: Saturday Nov 24th, 2012
Time: 6p.m.-8p.m.

Where: Volunteer Park
Meeting: In front of the Asian Art Museum

contact/questions Tegan @: [masked]

We'll play in Volunteer Park, meeting in front of the Asian Art Museum. People will be wearing glow sticks wrapped around themselves! Although we play for fun, we ask that you be willing to physically exert yourself and have thoroughly practiced your successful retrieval dance.

:)Don't forget:
- We will play rain, snow, or clear skies. Cross your fingers for clear skies.
- Be on time.
-Good shoes (examples: cleats, running shoes)
- Bring $5 to cover the cost of the glow sticks, batteries, caution tape, ground stakes, flashlights, red tail lights, EL Wire flags built inside nalgene bottles, and colored flood lights.
- Take a minute to read the game rules below. We'll explain it and help you understand it when you get there.
- Take a minute to read the liability statement below.

Capture The Flag Rules

Players will be divided into two teams. Each teams is given one half of the field which alternates between games. Each team has 1 flag and 1 jail zone which will be placed at the start of each game no more than 100 paces from the center dividing line of the field. The objective of the game is to enter the opposing teams side of the field, take their flag, and return to your own side without being tagged. Each team will be given some kind of identifier which can never be intentionally concealed except by way of natural cover (trees, bushes, etc). Any player who goes out of bounds is automatically out and has to go to jail. Any physical contact constitutes a tag. In the event of a tie (players frees the jail at the exact moment he is tagged) We can either say tie goes to the defense or say if no consensus can be worked out the attacker gets a free walk to their side. Im open to suggestions here. The flag and jail can be places in either of the two designated zones before the start of a game.

Capture the flag
1. Must run across the center dividing line with the flag in hand to score a point

2. Cannot throw the flag

3. Cannot intentionally conceal the flag except by way of natural cover. (must be held light side out if the flag happens to be a light)

4. If a player makes it into the "flag zone" they are safe until they leave. The flag can be picked up during that time and the attackers remain safe. The "flag zone" is only safe if the flag is in it.

5. If you are tagged with the flag you must drop the flag where you stand. The opposing team now has to defend the flag at that location, they cannot move it. The defenders must stay outside of a 10Ft radius from the flag at all times until the flag is picked up. Attackers cannot rest in this 10 ft zone, they must immediately pick up the flag once within the 10 ft. (the objective being not allowing "baby guarding" of the flag once it is out of the flag zone but also not creating a new safe zone where the flag was dropped)

Defending the flag
1. Defenders cannot enter the flag zone unless the flag is no longer in it.

2. When an enemy attacker is tagged with the flag you cannot move the flag from where it is dropped. You must keep a 10 ft buffer from the flag while you attempt to defend it. You can enter the 10 ft zone only after the flag is picked up.

1. Defenders cannot go into the jail zone unless there has been a jail break. Defenders can enter the jail zone if there is a jail break since the jail zone is not a "safe zone".

2. If you are tagged you must walk directly to jail with your hands raised.

3. To be freed from jail you have to be tagged by an active player

4. Players who are released by a teammate are active and can attack the flag.

5. If not in a chain the jailed player must have both feet in the fail zone to be tagged free, you do not need to be touching the jail marker.

6. If in a chain, all players in a chain of jailed players are released when one player is touched as long as a player is touching the jail marker when the active player makes contact.

If you didn't know already, we play sports. There is a lot of physical activity involved. While playing this game sometimes people trip, slip, fall down, run into each other, and other unpleasantries. People will be tagging you with two hands and running at you full speed. Bumps and bruises happen, it's part of the game. It will be dark, maybe muddy, and slippery, there are low hanging tree branches here and there, there are stumps, there are some rocks, there are picnic tables that you might run into, and people will be tagging you with two hand touch while running at you full speed. These all have the same hazards that are listed above.
By showing up to this event, you understand that there is a chance you could slip, hit your head, sprain an ankle, lose or break personal property, and lots of other unpleasant stuff. By showing up to this event, you agree that injuries, lost items, broken items, or anything other unpleasantries are not the fault of the organizers, and you alone are responsible. We don't want to scare you, these events are really fun and enjoyable for everyone. Videographers and photographers will be at this event. Participant agrees to allow the event producer (Bubble) and other promoters to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes. I grant permission for my name to be published and all other personal identifiers (location & Social Media handles) as listed above to be published. Let's keep it that way... with a basic understanding of liability. In the end, we live in a world with too many lawyers, so we're writing this here to be extra clear about these events.

Thanks so much!