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Welcome to New Tech Seattle, Seattle's largest ongoing monthly tech event. When anyone gets off a plane at SeaTac and says "I want to tap into the Seattle tech community," whoever they're talking to says - "You need to go to New Tech."

New Tech Seattle (livestreams or IRL) is where you'll make great connections, learn about new companies doing cool things, laugh, smile, and have a fun night out. And most importantly, you'll discover the people, partners, organizations, and resources to help you to build your dreams.

New Tech Inclusion is another monthly New Tech event focused on women in tech and diversity in tech. Our events are structured to be fast, fun and create more meaningful relationships than typical networking events.

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Our community is based on an attitude of giving first and helping each other connect to the resources that will take us all further faster. ...and we have a lot of fun. :) If you're intrigued, RSVP for our next event and we'll look forward to connecting with you!

Thank you for joining the Seattle technology and startup community. We look forward to meeting you!

See you around town,
Brett Greene
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New Tech DEI Monthly Meeting 1/27/22

Online event

RSVP Here: https://ti.to/new-tech-nw/new-tech-dei-monthly-meeting-012722

New year, new opportunity to learn. Come join a community of others who want to have a real positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion. It doesn't matter what your role is or what type of organization you're in. Message us if you have questions.

New Tech DEI is an evolution of PNW IDEA and Christy will still facilitate the monthly meeting.

Who Should Attend:

Innovation leaders
Individual contributors
DEI leaders
ERG organizers, and
Employees from startups and enterprise companies sharing their challenges, successes, tips, experiences and advice for creating more inclusive workplaces.

Please click here if you would like to be part of the New Tech DEI newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hHshAf

We believe the PNW is:

A region where women and underrepresented minorities are able to pursue opportunities to participate productively in ways that are meaningful for them and that contribute to our local economy and society, and where employers and community organizations have a multitude of ways to create and improve real opportunities for those wanting opportunity and facing bias.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

RSVP NOW: https://ti.to/new-tech-nw/new-tech-dei-monthly-meeting-012722

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New Tech DEI Monthly Meeting 10/28/21

Online event

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