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The New Wealth CoLab is for real estate investors and related professionals that are serious about business, cultivating strong relationships and dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information that can help each of us grow to the next level of real estate investing.

Our group is a fun-filled way to gain information on a variety of up to date real estate topics:

  • • Investing - Strategies and Tips;
  • • Wholesaling, Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip, Luxury Real Estate & more;
  • • Properties and Buyers;
  • • Loans and Private Funding;
  • • Real Estate Marketing Strategies;
  • • Property Management;
  • • Market Updates;

... and more
The key to a successful and sustainable Real Estate Investment Club is not centered on profit but a community who's core purpose is serving others. We've been blessed in many ways because of this life philosophy. 
We welcome both new and seasoned investors/professionals and anyone that is open-minded and constantly looking to expand their own abilities and knowledge base. 
The goal of the group is to help investors grow to the next level, while providing information and tools that can be used in the field today.

So whats the catch? Be committed, be selfless, contribute, serve others... is the price of admission.

If this is you, join us for a meetup!

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Watch Our Team Negotiate Real Estate Deals LIVE at the CoLab

4007 N Taliaferro Ave

The Deal Desk is going LIVE at the New Wealth CoLab

Every Friday at 11:30am

This and every Friday, Master Closer Steven Morales will be taking the mic LIVE at the New Wealth CoLab to record the latest episode of his popular YouTube series "The Deal Desk"

Come be part of the action as master closer Steven Morales talks to sellers live and in person.

Come early for networking and stay after to talk about deals, real estate, and get your questions answered.

Hearing Steven crush calls live is a not to be missed opportunity! Listen, learn, and participate. The team is here to help you move your business to the next level!

Real Estate Investor Cold Calling Party

4007 N Taliaferro Ave

Have you head about the success other investors are having with cold calling?

They dial for properties because it brings results! One of the BEST ways to get a motivated seller on the phone is to call them directly.

It Just. Plain. Works.

But its a heck of a lot more fun when you make your calls in a room full of other investors doing the same thing.

The New Wealth CoLab is all about growing TOGETHER, so we're going to CALL together.

Join us this Friday at 1:30pm after the live recording of Steven Morales' deal desk.

Get on the phones and level up your skills with some of the best in the business there to coach you and cheer you on.

Bring you laptop, headset, and if you have one, bring your list of prospects.

If you don't have a list to call we will set you up with one.

And we'll even feed you.

Free Pizza anyone?

This is a fantastic opportunity for both newbies and veterans to make calls in a friendly environment with other investors who are in it to support and help each other.

Bonus, we will have some shark-level closers in the room who can help you move your leads from qualified to closed on the spot.

1- Bring your laptop (let us know if you need one and we will do our best to provide one)
2- Bring a good headset (see above, if you don't have one let us know)
3- RSVP In advance so we can send you a script to read/prepare beforehand.
4- If you have one, bring you list, otherwise we will give you one.
5- Bring your appetite (free pizza!)

Be sure to RSVP so we can get you a sample script and get you on the list for Pizza.

Lets lock up some contracts!!

Housing Bubble 2.0 | Whats Next for the Real Estate Investing Market?

4007 N Taliaferro Ave

Mainstream media continually tells us that everything is fabulous and to keep buying those homes at the peak of the market.

Everything is good, property values continue to rise by double digits. What could go wrong ?

Yet there is a growing contingent of Analysts, Economists and Real Estate Investors who firmly believe that the condition of the current Housing Market is unsustainable, and that there has to be some type of correction or crash on the Housing Horizon.

Remember, the Housing Market has experienced 2 years worth of Moratoria and other restrictions which have prevented the majority of lower priced Distressed Properties from entering market.

Just like 2007, the Housing Market is at another inflection point.

The recent increase in Mortgage Rates have greatly reduced a future Homeowner's buying power. Will the Housing Market react ? Will home prices start to drop ?

And remember that many are saying that a Foreclosure Tsunami is on the way. In fact, we are seeing it slowly build every month now.

So who do you choose to believe ?

Or should we ask, who do you want to believe ?

Join us this Monday as Real Estate Investor, Broker and Housing Bubble 2.0 protagonist Randy Patrick debates whether we will indeed have a Housing Crash and discusses how it could eventually play out.

We will delve into the reasons why we will, or will not have a Housing Crash or Correction. There is strong cases to be made from both perspectives.

Regardless as to where our local Housing Market ends up, we do know (and see) that Foreclosure activity is increasing every month. Herein lies a great opportunity for everyone.

This is the first of 4 sessions that will focus on the Distressed Housing Market here in Tampa and the rest of Florida. Future meetings will also include guest speaker Attorney Tom.

This is a must see meeting, as it will lay out the ground work for future meeting topics like the "Florida Foreclosure Process", “Short Sales” and taking the property over “Subject To the Mortgage". You do not want to miss this one.

This is a very limited seating event. We only have 50 spots available and you would be well served to RSVP as soon as you can so we can get you on the list.

Join a Team of Real Estate Investors in Tampa Who've Closed Hundreds of Deals!

Have you always wanted to Flip Houses but never knew how or where to get started?

Do you want to learn from others, partner and network with like-minded individuals who are committed to your success?

Join us every Saturday for an intimate introduction to the New Wealth CoLab.

We have a community of real, like-minded people who are active in today's real estate market and committed to succeeding together.

If you're a beginner, this is a great place to start and get information on how to get started.

For those who are already doing it, you can learn even more and expand your knowledge and strategies.

Come and see for yourself why you should start now.

The New Wealth CoLab is a community of real, like-minded people committed to real estate investment, who believe we can make more of an impact as a community than on our own.

The members of the CoLab work together to serve homeowners in our own backyard.

Our members have done millions of dollars of real estate transactions by working TOGETHER.

Our success proves that we can achieve more by working together than alone.

Bring your deals/possible deals. Let's work through it together. We will put you on the right path and help you grow your house flipping business.

See you there! RSVP IS A MUST! Only 50 seats available.

To learn more about the CoLab, check us out at NewWealthCoLab.com

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