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Long island?
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Any chance of doing a meetup in nassau or suffolk county? lately my schedule has been wonky so I havent been able to attend bc my time and the commmute wouldnt work....but hopefully that changes soon, as I'd love to be a more active member of the group!

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Join this group to participate in Ice Skating activities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, and everywhere in between..

We do not discriminate. If you are a beginner or expert you are welcome to join and you will find great people to share your new or old passion with.

I will do my best to organize events and keep things humming, but please offer any help you can when it comes to new ideas and finding great deals! To insure everyone gets the most out of joining, I welcome all member suggestions for planning meetups.

Sometimes I put "notes" on the calendar to inform members of ice skating related activities going on around town that they may want to attend outside of the group. These are not official events.

Please Join and Meet other locals who like to ice skate.

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