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Distance Reiki Share Monday Nights from Home!
Join in on NYSR Summer Distance Reiki Shares! Boost your work week! RSVP to participate in the NYSR Distance Reiki Shares! With “Right Mind and Intention”, Distance Reiki sessions are as effective as sessions conducted in person. These Summer Reiki Shares are a group effort of Practitioners who collaborate for the benefit of healing, supporting our personal lives, and enhancing the development of Reiki Skills, including sensitivity to giving and receiving Reiki. AND YOU CAN DO THIS FROM HOME! Mondays at 10PM for 45 minutes, we practice Distance Reiki among all participants that RSVP. Angela and I prepare “space” 15 minutes prior to start time and your participation will involve the following: 1. Sit or Lay comfortably and quietly. 2. *Set your intent to heal yourself and others participating to receive whatever is needed for healing to take place. 3. Hold the space for energy to flow, remembering your own connection to “Oneness” which supports the flow of energy between the practitioner and recipient. 4. Once your ready and receptive to receive, set your intent to begin sharing Reiki. *Participant names will be forwarded via email or text if you prefer. Please use firstname and lastname initial (i.e.Michelle D.) or your Meetup ID Name.when you RSVP. Guest welcome and must RSVP individually; also required to submit (min) $10 donation via PayPal. There is no “cancellation of energy”. Each individual receives as much Reiki needed at the present time to assist with the unique situations of his/her own life.



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