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    Welcome to the group!

    We created this group for people to meet new friends and participate in different activities around the South Florida area.

    Our group is geared towards people ages 21-49 who are new and old to the Palm Beach County area.

    We are a fun group of outgoing, friendly people!

    Some of the activities we host include kayaking, concerts, board games, bar hopping, going out to clubs, stand up paddle boarding, dancing, movies, live music, special events, painting, and so much more!

    RSVP to an event today and start joining in on the fun!

    If you have an event idea we would love to hear it, but we welcome all members to host their own events.

    Also please see our rules below.

    The Purpose of the Newbies Club of the Palm Beaches (NCPB)

    - NCPB is a group dedicated to helping locals in their 20s , 30s, and 40s to meet cool people and find fun things to do in the area.

    Membership Requirements

    o The only requirement to join NCPB is that a new member must be between the ages of 21 and 49 at the time he/she joins the group. Many of our events include going to places where you must be of legal drinking age (21+) to get in. We do not follow an “aging out” policy, meaning a group member will not be banned from the group simply because he/she turned 50 sometime after they joined NCPB.

    - Policy on Guests/+1s

    o Group members may invite guests who are not group members themselves NCPB events up to three times per guest. If after the third event, a particular guest wishes to attend future NCPB events, he/she must join the group.

    o Group members may not invite people who have been banned from the group to NPBC events.

    Making/Hosting Events

    - Only organizers or appointed event organizers can schedule NCPB events.

    - If it seems apparent that the member suggesting the event should be the event host, the organizer corp. may appoint “Event Organizer” status to that group member.

    - Ideas for events are always welcome. If any group member who is not an organizer has an idea for NCPB event, they should send a private Meetup message to the whole organizer corp.

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