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We are a program of which has a mission of bringing education, events, awareness, tools, and funding to develop employment, business, and non-profit and social mission work by private business, organizations, or individuals to historic City of Newburgh NY. We hope to create 1,500 jobs through these efforts within a short period of time to put people to work doing all kinds of things to build community and well-being. One immediate goal of this program is to welcome students from Mt St Mary and SUNY OCCC nearby as well as high school students who have ideas they want to develop into income producing businesses. We also want to reach dis-enfranchised small business owners and over 55 workers to enable them as individuals. Our "I Have A Dream" is 100% employment for all who wish to work and contribute to their community using their talents and resources.Another immediate goal is to hold a WordCamp event once our group is well-formed and running!

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