• September Shea Kelly + Matt Wicks - Logic Apps, Lambda and all things serverless

    Septembers meetup will have Shea Kelly from Life Without Barriers speaking on the system that he and his team have built to help their users print large quantities of notes. They have done this using the Severless framework. Senior developer and technical lead @ Life Without Barriers with a background in Financial Services, Insurance, Mining and Consulting. He has a keen interest in cloud computing, serverless architectures and the power of the developer. Logic Apps: Your gateway to a serverless future Serverless is the future - take advantage of it now! Using the power of Azure you can use Logic Apps to augment an existing application or automate tasks. Come see Matt Wicks teach how Logic Apps with no (or little) code can help you today. Matt Wicks is a solution architect at SSW Sydney. He has been developing solutions using the full Microsoft stack since .NET 2 was in beta, and is also experienced with Dynamics CRM, PABX systems, and building B2B integrations. Matt likes good DevOps, clean designs, seeing a project with suites of passing unit tests, automation and sometimes he still reminisces about WebForms.

  • nib is leveraging AI & Emerging Technologies to build new Customer Experiences

    The August meeting will have Matt Finch, Hailey Marten and Brynn Chadwick from the nib Emerging technologies team talking about How nib is leveraging AI & Emerging Technologies to build new Customer Experiences. Expect a talk that will provide multiple perspectives how we shape technology while that technology is shaping our environment. Hailey Martin - Senior Software Developer Hailey is a Senior Software Developer at nib Health Funds, though she secretly wishes her title was something cooler like "DevOps Witch" or "Engineer of Chaos". She enjoys building tools for developers to make their lives easier, engineering servers that manage themselves, and over-using party parrot emojis in Slack. Brynn Chadwick - Conversational Designer At nib he works with the team to design and develop products which showcase the best of creativity and technology. Mathew Finch - Head of Emerging Technology for nib Mathew is passionate about breaking new ground through emerging technologies. Currently he is the Head of Emerging Technology for nib and its associated group businesses, providing strategic thinking and thought leadership across a range of emerging technologies such as AI & ML, Health & Biotech, IoT, and Cloud and the way in which they could have an application across the business, with a focus on solving customer problems over predefined solutions. He is driving a culture of experimentation through build, measure, learn approaches with a focus on incremental improvements and developing continuous learning patterns.

  • July: Javascript and IoT -Alan McGaughey

    ICT Building

    We'll be back in July. With a talk from Alan McGaughey talking about using JavaScript to build IoT devices. We'll have free pizza thanks to our sponsors Banlaw and Saphi. Yes, you can use JavaScript on a "thing" (IoT device) and make it useful (maybe). Live demonstration on how to get a thing (tiny WiFi-enabled board that runs JavaScript code) connected to the world and attempt to do something that will change the world (at least turn a LED on/off or something). About the speaker: Alan McGaughey started working at Industrial Electronics in 1982 with 8 bit microprocessors, spent 10 years looking after the largest Mainframes in the country, followed by building and running a SaaS offering for the past 15 years. "Yep, I have grey hair..." Today, it is a 360 degree moment, working with microprocessors connected to some of the largest compute and SaaS offerings on the planet. Who would have thunk it could be done with a total cost of a few dollars.

  • June: Detecting Online Credit Card Fraud with Apache Kafka Streams

    Our June meetup will feature Nathan Clement from Qvalent speaking about detecting online credit card fraud using Apache Kafka. We'll have pizza and prizes thanks to our sponsors Banlaw and Saphi. About the talk: Detecting Online Credit Card Fraud with Apache Kafka Streams Apache Kafka is a distributed, real-time streaming platform in use at many large companies. Kafka's publish-subscribe streaming model allows companies to move from a request/response pattern of accessing data to an event-driven pattern. The Kafka Streams library provides useful stream operations such as time-based windows, aggregate functions and joining to reference data. This allows for simple creation of microservices that perform complex processing on streams of data. This presentation will give an overview of Kafka and Kafka Streams and show how they can be applied to the problem of online credit card fraud detection. About the speaker: Nathan Clement, Team Leader - Architecture and Core Technology Team, Qvalent As the team leader of the Architecture and Core Technology Team at Qvalent, Nathan oversees the company's core messaging and payment systems. This includes maintenance and enhancement of existing business critical systems. It also includes designing and building systems for new payment mechanisms, such as the New Payments Platform. Nathan is experienced in modern software engineering practices, and has championed many new practices and processes at Qvalent. He is committed to continual learning and often experiments with new technologies in his spare time.

  • May: Introduction to FP & Haskell: Alex Smith; Post Incident Review: Klee Thomas

    In May we've got Alex Smith speaking about an Introduction to Functional Programming and Haskell and Klee Thomas speaking about how to run a Post Incident Review. We'll have free pizza and a drone to give away thanks to our sponsors. Banlaw and Saphi. Alex's talk will introduce Haskell, an advanced, lazy, purely functional programming language. Alex will flesh out the philosophy of Haskell by working a simple project. The aim of the talk is to stimulate discussion on programming language design and the impact of language design on how developers think about problems and their solutions. Klee's talk will take you through what a Post Incident Review is, why they're important for an agile and self improving culture, along with strategies for running them and going beyond simple root cause analysis to help keep them blameless. Alex is a practising mechanical engineering in the built environment with a focus on computation techniques and building digital infrastructure for solving problems related to fluid mechanics and heat transfer. He has a keen interest in teaching software development and functional programming. Klee is a Senior Software developer at nib, co-organiser of the Newcastle Coders Group

  • April: Adam Cogan - Chinafy your apps + Lessons you can steal from China

    We'll have Adam Cogan returning to Newcastle in April, to talk about his experience getting applications read for the Chinese market. We'll have free pizza and prizes thanks to our sponsors Banlaw and SAPHI. As always everyone is welcome to come along. Adam Cogan is the Chief Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner specializing in custom .NET, SharePoint, Business Intelligence, and CRM solutions. Certified Scrum Trainer with scrum.org, Adam trains developers in Australia, the US, UK and Europe, and contributes to scrum.org thinking. He consults with development teams on improving their scrum process through mentoring and being a proxy scrum master. He has written many rules around scrum best practices. Adam is one of only 3 Microsoft Regional Directors in Australia. In this role, he regularly presents in conferences such as TechEd (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Malaysia). A couple of times a year, he visits Microsoft headquarters in Seattle to learn the latest on Microsoft strategic directions and to undertake training in development technologies.

  • March: Samantha Connelly: Tappy McTapface; Andrew Stace: My experiences Node Red

    In March we'll have Samantha Connelly back to talk about mobile testing using Tappy McTapface; a robot she built for mobile automation. We'll have local spearker Andrew Stace talking along side her about his experiences using Node Red. We'll have free pizza thanks and some giveaways thanks to our sponsors Banlaw and SAPHI How can you use robots to help you test? Meet Tappy McTapFace, Tappy is a robot that was built during a 2 day hackathon to help demonstrate how robots could be used to automate testing on mobile apps. It's made out of 3D printable parts, based on Taptser 2.0 open source designs and can be programmed in javascript. You could also use a robotics challenge to engage your team around testing ideas. Sam will give her insights from running multiple testing challenges that engaged over 100 software engineers. From a lunch time robotics challenge to a company wide bug bash. Sam has run many events that help raise a companies testing culture. Sam Connelly could be described as a motorbike riding, robotics obsessed, girl geek. She is a speaker, trainer and developer evangelist for YOW! Conference. Mobile Explorative testing is her speciality and she is also the Leader of the Sydney Testers meetup group. Sam credits a technical background and a curious mind as being her major drivers in her pursuits. She has previously hosted her own community radio show and started a Robogals chapter in Tasmania. For more information on YOW! Conference visit, http://connected.yowconference.com.au

  • February: Smart contracts through C# - Rowan de Haas

    Happy 2019. We'll kick off our 2019 season with Newcastle local and organiser of Newcastle Blockchain (https://www.meetup.com/Newcastle-Blockchain/) as our speaker. Everyone is welcome and we'll have free pizza to enjoy after the talk. We'd like to thank our sponsors Banlaw and Saphi for paying for pizza and allowing us to give away prizes. Please RSVP it helps us to plan for numbers. About the talk: Smart contract development presents a substantially different paradigm compared with more traditional development. Contracts are programs that run in distributed, decentralized, and trustless execution environments. This introduces interesting challenges for developers, who must consider computing and security paradigms that don't often exist in traditional execution environments. In this talk I'll use C# programs to demonstrate smart contract execution by example, along the way showing how seemingly innocuous-looking programs can have undesired side effects About Rowan: Rowan de Haas is a .NET developer based in Newcastle. His professional interests include blockchain, software architecture, and design patterns.

  • December - Developer Pub Trivia

    Happy Wombat

    For December we're inviting all the Newcastle Developer Meetup community to come together for an end of year mixer and triva night. We've got the Happy Wombat booked in to host us and we'll be giving away some prizes on the night for the winning team of each round. There will be a broad range of topics covering, front end web development, back end application development, the history of computing and some things that are just amusing. Play as a team or an individual, thanks to our sponsors we'll be giving a $50 bar voucher to the winner of each round. We're looking for extra sponsors to put on a bar tab and food. If you're interested contact Klee here or on twitter.

  • IoT & The Edge of Reason- David Glover

    ICT Building

    For November we've got David Glover from Microsoft giving his talk titled "The Edge of Reason" on how you can run cloud intelligence and analytics on the devices out at the edge of your IoT network using Azure IoT Edge. As usual we'll have open discussion of last months news from in and around Technology and free pizza thanks to BMT Tax Depreciation. And some prizes. As always it's free to attend and everyone is welcome. "The Edge of Reason": Azure IoT Edge extends "The Edge of Reason" Azure IoT Edge extends cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices. Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), Azure services and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices. Run your IoT solution securely and at scale - whether in the cloud or offline. This session will cover the overall architecture of Azure IoT Edge, how to develop for it, and how to manage edge-based solutions.. Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), Azure services and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices. Run your IoT solution securely and at scale - whether in the cloud or offline. This session will cover the overall architecture of Azure IoT Edge, how to develop for it, and how to manage edge-based solutions. About David: I am a passionate software developer for as long as I can remember, I dream and code in C# and Python, hang out on Windows and Linux, and dabble in maker hardware. I have worked for Microsoft in the UK and Australia across customers, partners and the developer community. Over the years I have covered a broad range of technologies, from Windows and mobile, Web dev, IoT, communications, and cloud-centric computing. I am curious by nature, love to learn and connect with the developer community. When not coding, I am a proud father of 3 and live in the heart of beautiful Sydney Australia with my husband and youngest son. I swim to keep fit and can be bribed with ice cream.