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NEW TO TOWN? NOT part of Newcomers Connect yet? CRAZY!!! JOIN UP NOW!

Newcomers Connect is the COOLEST place to hang out in Victoria & Vancouver Island


Here are a few reasons why this group might be for you:

· You are new to Victoria and need some guidance and basic information about how to get around town.

· You enjoy fun activities and meeting new people.

· You want to be part of a vibrant and supportive group.

· You are looking for work or to build a business and HECK it would be nice to meet some awesome, positive and connected people.

· Maybe you’ve been in Victoria for a while and are finding it challenging to connect and make new friends.


Moving to a new city is exciting and offers the hope of many possibilities. However, when the initial excitement wears off and you settle down to your daily routine you may experience isolation and loneliness. We want to help you feel connected and a part of this new community as quickly as possible.

· We CARE that you are here on Vancouver Island! · We CARE and wish to create the best experience of your life! · We CARE for you to feel welcome and special!


Our NC Individual membership fee is $35 a year.

You say WHAAT? $35 is TOOOO much! Not really when you think about. It’s the cost of 7 specialty coffees or teas. But are you are drinking them alone? That’s no fun! When you consider all the events and support we provide to our members, we are the best deal in town.



Newcomers Connect works in collaboration with many diverse groups and communities within Greater Victoria. We are associated with hundreds of committed citizens who believe in our purpose of creating a welcoming community. Let us help you make the connections you need as settle in to your new life in your great city. We would like to become that first point of contact and connect you with what you need right now.

• Access to over 70 various FUN & COOL (discounted or free) events per year

• Downloadable information guides and resources

• Trustworthy connections

• A safe, supportive environment for our members

NC Individual membership ($35/year) (

or NC Family Membership ( ($50/year) [e.g. 2 adults with kids or without who share a household, siblings, parents/grandparents count as well]

NC Professional Membership ( ($75/year) (It includes all above + invitations to exclusive networking events for job search or business) Seeking employment - join Job Hunters' Hub (

Q/A: How do I know the event is for the paid member or not?

MEMBERS ONLY – means MUST have annual membership to attend the event

EVERYONE WELCOME – means anyone can attend


The contributions will help us cover expenses associated with membership, marketing, partnership building events so we can bring you the best quality events and connections you can trust!

THANK YOU for your support!

This is what others say about us:

I arrived in Victoria a couple of months ago and as a person new to the city I was aiming to connect with someone who had their finger on the pulse. Olga was (and is) that person. Olga is passionate about helping people new feel welcome and about building community. She's a go-to-gal for fun, work opportunity, and more. I'm happy that Olga is part of my Victoria family and I have recommended her to colleagues already. Thanks Olga! Liza R.

This was my first time to a Newcomers meetup and I was pleasantly surprised. At first I was nervous but I got chatting to people eventually. After the play I met Marco and he introduced me to some great people. I'm looking forward to the next meetup! Jimmy

As a sponsor to Newcomers Connect it has been wonderful working with Olga. She truly cares about the success of Newcomers!!! She goes so far above for everyone that knows her and provides incredible support and compassion to those who need it most. I would highly recommend Olga and her organization for anyone moving to Victoria, and wanting to learn about this city and getting started for the best chance at success here as possible. Philip

What I learned about Newcomers Connect group that it has a purpose and long term vision to create a community! Here people care about each other and you are inspired to become a welcome agent. It is not just about one person doing all the work, together we can achieve more when we foster that kind of culture of unconditional support. Let's make a world the better place! Olga

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