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Hello! We all know divorce and separation can be complicated, and we want to make that life transition smoother for you. We have created a network/community for people who are considering divorce or separation, in the process of divorce, and already divorced or separated. Please join us for both educational and social meetups and events with divorce professionals, covering law, finance, parenting, self-empowerment, real estate, and more! We're here for the long haul. We are part of a group called Vesta: Redefining Divorce that is committed to helping you make informed life decisions and ease your life transitions. Hope to see you soon at some of our events!

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Webinar: Divorce Boot Camp

Online event

Are you going through a divorce, contemplating divorce, or recovering from divorce? Join our ONLINE Divorce Boot Camp, and we’ll help you get into shape! Join us and learn about the finer points of the process -- from law and finance to real estate and coping strategies -- so you understand the impact of divorce both now and in your future. We will give you the tools necessary to evolve into a knowledgeable, dynamic decision-maker who's able to make informed choices ... and not emotionally-driven, costly decisions. SPEAKERS: 🔹Magda Ellis, Certified Divorce Coach 🔹Molly Chung, Divorce Attorney 🔹Gwen Lawson, Realtor 🔹Michael Tanionos, Mortgage Consultant 🔹Andrea McGrath, CFP, CDFA, Financial Advisor A brief presentation from each speaker will be followed by a question and answer segment. Attendees will receive handouts outlining the topics covered. There is no cost for attendance. Advance registration is requested at www.tinyurl.com/WinchesterMay28 If you would like to register for this event with us directly, instead of via Eventbrite, please contact [masked].

No Cost Webinar: Parenting Challenges and Divorce: How to Make it Work?

Are you separated, divorced, considering divorce, or in the process of divorce? Please join us for a special event intended to guide you through challenges related to parenting during and after divorce. Renee Mahoney, Divorce Attorney and Mediator, and Beth Greenawalt, Parent Coach, will lead a powerful discussion regarding how to navigate parenting while managing the divorce process. You will learn some strategies on how to best approach your children and family. Renee will highlight how your approach to co-parenting may impact your court case. She will highlight key takeaways on how to design your conversations with the kids to speak of their "other parent" with neutral language. Renee will also share the court's view on challenged co-parenting. Beth will guide you through essential strategies to help your children have a sense of stability during and after this transition. Beth talks about taking a child-centered approach to co-parenting which focuses on 4-keys to keeping the child's best interest as the center of the divorce. You will learn how to support yourself and your children in the process. Together, they will provide you with resources that will aid in creating a bright future for you and your children. You will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance and/or during the LIVE Webinar. There is no charge for attendance. Advance registration is required at ➡️ www.tinyurl.com/HinghamMay28 If you would like to register for this event with us directly, instead of via Eventbrite, please contact us at [masked]. To find out more about other informative and social events hosted by Vesta, like us at Facebook.com/VestaDivorce or visit us at VestaDivorce.com. If you would like to connect with co-founder Deanna Coyle, you can schedule a 30-minute call with her using this link: calendly.com/deannacoyle.

No Cost Webinar: Ask the Divorce Experts

Online event

Join Vesta for an ONLINE Ask the Divorce Experts to gather information about all aspects of the divorce process. About This Webinar: Are you separated, divorced, or in the process of divorce? Maybe you are just considering divorce or separation? Perhaps you are several years post-divorce? Whatever stage you are in, Vesta's Divorce Resource Nights have something for you. These no-cost events are educational and empowering! From the comfort of your home or office, you can: 🔹 Ask questions of caring and experienced professionals in the fields of divorce law, finance, real estate, parenting, nutrition, relationship coaching, therapy, fashion, fitness, and more. 🔹 Hear our professionals describe how they can best help you. You will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance and/or during the LIVE Webinar. This event is FREE! Advance registration is requested at: ➡️ www.tinyurl.com/NewtonJune3 If you would like to register for this event with us directly, instead of via Eventbrite, please contact Deanna at[masked] or [masked]. Testimonials: “Very well structured and informative! I encourage anyone seeking useful guidance to participate in future gatherings. The professionals truly listened, were pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. Thank you, Deanna, for a terrific event!” - Joseph “Fun event! Very bright and positive atmosphere.” - Matt “Superb..delightful” - Keating “Lovely, knowledgeable group!” - Diana For more information, contact Deanna at[masked] or [masked]. Or go to our website at www.VestaDivorce.com.

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Webinar: Daytime Divorce Boot Camp

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