What we're about

The goal to better understand how to live a good life accomplished through book discussion group. Started as an experiment in early 2017, we had 9 meetings and the feedback was positive.

The group is generally aimed at adults age 45+

The questions
- What is a “good life”?
- How do others advocate for finding happiness, contentment and serenity?
- Practically, how should one best manage career, family, friendships, community?
- What can one learn from others about managing one’s life in their 40s, 50s and 60s
- What are different concepts of the meaning of life?
- How does one age vibrantly and gracefully?

Members are professionals in the greater Boston area.

Learn more about the group and readings here (http://paul-baier.blogspot.com/p/book-club.html)

Paul Baier is the group organizer and can be reach at paul.baier@gmail.com

Upcoming events (3)

#49: The Odyssey (Chapter 1-6)

Panera Bread

We'll read and discuss Chapter 1-6 of The Odyssey with translation by Emily Wilson at Panera

#50: TBD

Panera Bread


#51: TBD

Panera Bread


Past events (50)

#48: King Lear

Panera Bread

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