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What we’re about

Our Mission is to create financially literate real estate investor(s) (REI) that them become financially free REI(s). We accomplish this with cutting-edge investment systems, strategies, community and mentorship.  

Our Purpose is to provide education, information, mentorship and networking to further our members’ real estate investing goals and to help the REI become financially free quicker so that we can all enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

We Believe that free enterprise is not the private domain of any one person, group, entity or business. We understand that everyone has God-given talents and abilities, including the ability to think, dream, learn, act and believe.

We Recognize that anyone with the drive to work hard and apply knowledge, tools, experience and technology, provided by members and mentors within this group, can achieve their investing goals. 

Our Mantra is “It’s ok to have a job as long as you have a plan to NOT have a job”  What’s your plan? Next Gen REI club will help you with that plan.

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