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Who are we?
We are Nexus, a meet up group consisting of individuals seeking to explore and challenge ideas. All philosophical ideas, indecisive thoughts and personal experiences are welcome in our meetings, as long as they are related to our topic.

Our vision:
As we all come from different backgrounds and walk different paths, our perception of reality is constantly shaped by our thoughts and feelings. We merely seek to be an asylum for them, so one day they may prosper. In other words, we seek to learn from one another by providing the necessary freedom exchange of thoughts.

The topics we choose are tailored to incorporate philosophy into real life situations, ensuring that everyone at least leaves the discussion mildly satisfied. Topics cover a wide range of theories, beliefs and works of art.

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الزواج التقليدي ام الزواج عن حب؟

مهمًا تغيرت العصور وتبدلت الاجيال، لا يزال موضوع الزواج من اهم المواضيع التي تناقش في كل مكان وزمان، وذلك لان موضوع مشاركة باقي حياتك مع شخص ما (او على الأقل ان تنوي ذلك) تترتب عليه آثار بغاية الاهمية. ولكن ما هو افضل طريق لزواج سعيد وأكثرهم استمرارا، هل هو عن طريق الحب؟ او عن طريق الزواج التقليدي؟

هذا النقاش سيكون في مقهى Rabbit Hole وستكون هناك رسوم قيمتها 50 ريال تدفع عند الكاشير عند الحضور. نتمنى ان نراكم قريبًا 🙏

Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature

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- Limited seats! Please confirm a date prior to the event.

Everyone is bound to hear at least story or two concerning real evil. Some stories are worse than others, but we are almost always certain of one thing: we are not like those people. But what we learn from history and modern psychology are quite different. We see monsters in every evil, but no monsters present within us. In this discussion, we will examine the truth about evil and monstrous acts. The books “Ordinary Men” and “Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature” are recommended reads, though not obligatory,

The Evolution of Value Structures

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- Limited seats! Please confirm a day prior to the event.

Value structures are almost always subject to change; the sins of the past may be considered as virtues today, and the opposite is equally true. But what drives these changes? What can we learn from the old world? And what can we say about our values today?
All will be discussed during this discussion.

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Veganism: Is it good for the environment?

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