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Nexus is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency and contracting technology, designed to nurture independence from existing systems. Our community-driven development produces distributed applications and provides network security, whilst our hybrid blockchain solutions provide enterprises with enhanced levels of trust, security and efficiency.

Nexus envisions a world in which there is greater trust and connection between one another, a goal that shall be fundamentally supported by our future internet protocol and infrastructure.

www.nexusearth.com (http://www.nexusearth.com/)

Mission: To develop technology for communities, enterprise, and connectivity.

Vision: A world in which there is greater trust and connection between one another.

Our community advocates the following principles:

Responsibility & Independence

Decentralized Systes have the ability to provide choices to become more independent from existing systems, which are often centralized and reliant on outdated processes.

Distribution & Meritocracy

Distribution of power and resources is fundamental to building the foundations of a meritocracy, where people are rewarded proportional to their merit.

Information & Exchange

The technology of Nexus is developed for people to have free access to information and exchange, creating the possibility for more novelty.

Honesty & Transparency

Honesty nurtures trust between people, allowing us to be more effective as a group, whilst transparency cultivates integrity.

Community & Collaboration

Respecting ourselves and others encourages greater cooperation, collaboration and growth, to build stronger relationships and therefore a stronger community.

To learn more about Nexus and to meet us, please join one of our community channels.

Slack (https://nexusearth.slack.com/)

Telegram (https://t.me/NexusEarth)

NexusOfficialTwitter (https://twitter.com/NexusOfficial)

YouTub (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDi2stU5yj71_iPgxMZF79w/featured)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/NexusBlockchain/)

Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/nexusearth/)

Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Nexus-Earth/)

Below are some of our technological innovations to date, which focus on improving blockchain scalability, security, usability and distribution.

NXS Digital Currency

The issuance of NXS is independent of a central bank or government, the supply is regulated by mathematics alone. The creation of NXS has zero debt or interest associated with its distribution and is backed by the physical resources that are required to mine it.

Higher Security Standard

The standard key length for ‘TopSecret’ information used by most institutions is 256 bits (384 bits in some cases). Our standard is 512-bit minimum for private keys, and 1024-bit maximum for block hashes. This, combined with the fact that Nexus Keys change once they have been used, makes the Nexus security standard suitable for much more than keeping your NXS safe.

Fast & Lightweight

The Nexus Daemon can be configured to consume a limited amount of resources. The minimum required memory to operate a Tritium Daemon is 128 MB, with at least 7 GB of hard disk available.

Developer Friendliness

The Nexus Daemon provides a Nexus API, enabling developers to build with Contracts in their coding language of choice whilst providing interoperability with existing applications. This reduces the learning curve associated with developing contracts, therefore stimulating the growth of the developer community.

Nexus Contracts

Interaction between users on the internet usually requires an intermediary in order to provide safety. However, the use of third party services can have drawbacks. Nexus Contracts facilitate the function of intermediaries and are governed solely by mathematics and objective code.

Network Overlays

Our network operates on the LISP overlay, which provides an individual with the capability of having an online identity on the network, while retaining the privacy of their location. This creates better connectivity between peers, as the overlay functions as a layer of ‘elevated trust’ to the Internet when combined with the ledger (blockchain), which increases the safety, reliability, and security of online experience.

IP Multicast Locking Groups

IP Multicast Locking Groups begin to form parallelism on the Network Layer enabling different messages to be communicated to specific nodes simultaneously. This can be likened to a public speaker broadcasting a message to an audience (multicast), rather than having a one on one conversation (unicast), where the message is then gossiped from one person to the next.

Hybrid Blockchain

A hybrid blockchain combines the benefits of a public blockchain, private blockchain, and private database. Benefits of a hybrid blockchain solution include: scalability, privacy, automation and high levels of security.

Below are some of our future plans:

App Exchange

Apps built on Nexus will have the option to be included in the App Exchange, a directory of applications built on Nexus. Applications developed on Nexus will not be exclusive to this exchange, though the exchange itself will provide a platform for developers to buy and sell their custom applications.

Scalable Architecture

Our current ledger uses three forms of consensus. Future architecture will employ state sharding to provide parallel processing, and is designed to facilitate global transaction volume, provide immutability, and reduce the centralisation of mining pools on the network.

Satellites and Mesh Networks

Today the internet relies on cables that run across the ocean floor which rely on governments and large corporations for maintenance and security. Due to this limitation, one of our long term goals is to build alternative infrastructure for the existing internet, built around an economic model that rewards ‘resource pooling’ and employs technology such as Cube Satellites and Ground Mesh Networks. Through these innovations, Nexus aims to increase the distribution, scalability and security of the internet.

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