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Connect with the energy of the Moon!

Working with the Moon is a course of self-mastery. She takes you into your intuition, subconscious, psychic abilities, emotions, and patterns in life.

As you learn about the Moon energy and her phases you learn to witness your own patterns. You are less likely to become "stuck" as you acknowledge where you are, know what tools can help you while you're there, and learn to trust that you are whole no matter what phase you're in.

I will host small groups of like-minded spirits, around the times of the New and Full Moons.

What to expect:
Intention Setting
Moon Forecast
Moving Meditation
Light stretch/yoga
Time to Connect

Join us! Whether you have practiced with Moon Energy for years, or if you are brand new to the topic, everyone is welcome!

Upcoming events (4+)

Manifest with the Moon

Needs a location

Kaitlyn is leading a Manifest with the Moon Workshop Saturday, May 28, 12 PM EST , at Niantic Yoga Studio.

Niantic Yoga Studio is having a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony that day.

Kaitlyn will be available for Moon Readings and she will educate on how to manifest with the Moon at 12 PM.

Women have been manifesting with the Moon for millennia. Now, it's your turn too! Actively create the life you desire.

As women we operate in cycles. Not only our hormones, but also our emotions, thought, and behavior. Just like the seasons change, and the Moon goes through phases, our particular cycle(s) can give us guidance on how and when to act.

Learn the four main phases of the Moon and the fears, actions, and tools associated with each one. Following the phases of the Moon is a course in self-mastery. As you follow her phases you learn to witness your own patterns in a new way.

Donations welcome

Accepted payments:
Venmo : @kaitlyn-algar
CashApp : @GreenLovewithKaitlyn
PayPal : @greenlovewithkaitlyn

Visit Niantic Yoga Studio's website for more information on other FREE workshops that will be held that day.

Kaitlyn will be around from 9 AM to 1 PM and available for Moon Readings.

Moon Readings include psychic readings and crystal energy healing.
Come say hello!

Mama Meditation

Needs a location


Meditation for moms. Moms know all too well that quiet space can be hard to achieve and find. Fear not. Meditation practice does not always have to be quiet and still. Kaitlyn will guide you to meditate while connecting to sound and movement.

No experience required.

All experience levels welcome.

In-person at Niantic Yoga Studio
Special Rate for Niantic Yoga Studio Members
Non-Members $15

You can pay ahead. Or pay at the door.

Manifest with the Full Moon

Needs a location


Have you been craving expansion and adventure? Join us in women's circle this Full Moon to embody this energy.

We'll take a look at all that you've done so far. Using the light of the Full Moon to illuminate the big picture of how far you've come. Kaitlyn will educate you about the energy of this specific Full Moon and how to use it. Be sure to bring your journal as time for reflection will be offered. Kaitlyn will guide a meditation and crystal energy healing to help you release whatever is getting in the way of your expansion and adventure.

-Moon Forecast
-Group Connection
- Meditation and energy healing
- group connection
- personal psychic guidance
- Gentle breathwork and movement

Leave feeling calm and grounded.

Bring paper and pen.
Optional to bring crystals, cards, and favorite spiritual tools.

In-Person Event hosted at Niantic Yoga Studio

Tickets $44
Niantic Yoga Studio Members receive discounted tickets

Accepted payments:
Venmo : @kaitlyn-algar
CashApp : @GreenLovewithKaitlyn
PayPal : @greenlovewithkaitlyn

New Wave Meditation

Needs a location


Allow the waves of sound to move you in meditation. A common misconception of meditation is that your mind should be absent of thought, and you should practice in stillness and silence.
What is helpful as you release that perspective of "what meditation is," is to have a point of focus while you meditate. Join Kaitlyn to play with the use of sound during meditation. Come as you are, and let the sound waves move you.
No experience required.

All experience levels welcome.

This event is hosted at Niantic Yoga Studio
Members of the Yoga studio receive a special price
Non-Members $15

You can pay ahead of time, or at the door.

Tickets $15

Accepted payments:
Venmo : @kaitlyn-algar
CashApp : @GreenLovewithKaitlyn
PayPal : @greenlovewithkaitlyn

Past events (1)

Full Buck Moon Circle

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