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Dismantling the Nice Guy Myth and Good Dad Dealing with Toxic Baby Mamas support & study group team up.

Providing a monthly Men's Only Phx area local gathering & online forum safe haven for good men that find themselves lacking in life & love and are sick of it.

Many are dealing with high conflict break up or trouble recovering from heartbreak, but others are, simply interested in up-grading every area of their lives esp when it comes to women.

Online home study e-guide also provided for FREE to group members. https://lifebalanceholistics.com/p/dismantling-nice-guy-myth

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Your Powerful Place in Her Emotional Life Local & Online Class

George's Office/Warehouse


Inbox for audio tracks to listen to before meetup/class There is $20 fee for this class. 5pm to 8pm 437 S 48th Street Suite 104 Tempe, Az[masked] Once you know you place in her emotional life things get less confusing and much more fun! If your relationship is going well then this will enhance it and if you are struggling in a declining attraction relationship you can begin got heal and consciously address the issues within your current relationship or you can untangle what went wrong last time and avoid another mis-match in your future love life. This awareness and education is vital to men with kids so patterns are not repeated. We all want healthy relationships and children right?? Be sure to get on the email list for the Men's 3 Day Camp Immersion in Northern Arizona and at the same time take advantage of the e-guide that is available to members of this group >>> https://lifebalanceholistics.com/p/dismantling-nice-guy-myth OR if this is a better fit >>> https://lifebalanceholistics.com/p/good-dad-toxic-ex-survival-guide-for-men Set up a FREE student account and inbox Michelle to be manually enrolled for no charge, or pay the one time $10 fee or become a member of the online forum and get all the latest Nice Guy podcasts and LIVE virtual classes. You have options.

1 or 2 nights Camping with Purpose hosted by Mike V

Bring your own Tent & Food - $20 Bring your own Tent but Mike cooks for you $40 Have your tent set up for you, air mattress inflated, chair & food provided $100 Everyone gets a walking stick to take home This camp is for well qualified group members and their guests. Enrollment in the Podcast Subscription & e-guide is required Inbox for link

Annual 3 Day Immersion Weekend for Men (Friday - Sunday Event)

Oct 25th - 27th Open to New Students, Grads and a few Well Qualified Women Inbox Michelle for Enrollment Info & Payment Options [masked] Every year I host a deep immersion workshop. Men commit to be involved Friday evening and all day Sat & Sun for a 3 day jam packed boot camp style immersion into learning, supporting, eating and bonding as a band of brothers. Sunday evening we meet at a local patio bar for whiskey shots and cigars to celebrate the work of the weekend, blow off some steam and have a graduation toast. FRIDAY - Meet & Greet with Dinner provided at the venue and orientation to the content we will cover and areas of special focused based on the men in attendance. SATURDAY - Being a stabilizing agent of change in an unstable world. It starts in your own body and important relationships. - Life with and without CHMNHM as it relates to men being the ideal keepers of attraction that lasts. SUNDAY - Navigating the stages of deep loving & intentional living that promote self-discovery and healing in our relationships. Meaningful relating that keeps us engaged and feeling alive. - Being a trailblazer for deep love in a shallow world. Your nature as a good man is to be a champion of ethical protection & provision, so the cultural norm of transactional relating will never work out well for you. Who My program coaching students from previous years return to review, peer mentor, add value and learn from the newbies just as much as the new guys learn form them. What We have morning grazing & coffee and a long lunch together every day and on the last night we break early and reconnect later in the evening for a night of scotch and cigars as our closing ceremony/celebration. Pricing * Returning Program Grads pay only $120 total for materials and food which covers both days * Current Coaching Clients can use their 7th program session to cover their cost of the workshop and also pay the $120 for materials and food * First-TImers Not in a Private Coaching Program pay $400 which includes the online course ($149 value) "Lessons Your Father Never Taught You" and need to complete the CHMNHM and Emasculation Cycle content prior to the workshop.

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Examining the Nice-Guy + Controlling-Woman Dynamic

10162 E Olla Ave

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