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If you are finding yourself in a stuck rut right now in life and don't know how to get out. This group is for you! You will learn how to get your strong mind, body and spirit back and better then ever!

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Learn Simple Ways To Calm The Mind And Empower Yourself

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Let’s get together and learn how to calm the mind. When you are able to calm the mind THEN you are able to empower yourself back up again! This will be super casual and inviting. The lessons are easy to learn and invigorating to implement. Learn from Natalie Saimeri, Identity Coach. Helping you tap into your nervous system and brain to retrain yourself in staying in the relaxed and positive mindset. Can’t wait to see you here! Just bring a pen and paper. Let me know if you have any questions! [masked]

From Empty To Empowered

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The ladies night out you've been dreaming of! ********YOU MUST REGISTER FOR TICKETS IN THE WEBSITE BELOW. Clicking “attend” will not save your seat for this workshop******** Let's get together and rebuild your happiness with Natalie Saimeri, Identity Coach. Go from feeling empty and stuck inside to feeling energized and empowered. ​ THE NEW YEAR WILL NOT SAVE YOU. YOU will save you. I know you've been trying everything to help yourself get out of this negative rut. But nothing is actually creating change for you. I know... You want to change, You want to evolve, You want to be happier, You want to be more confident, But it also stresses you out, working on yourself... Here is your answer.​ The From Empty To Empowered Workshop Start living peaceful, confident and back in control of your life. Learn how to empower, uplift and rebuild yourself into the New Year. After attending this workshop you will be out of that slump and into living life happy, confident and FREE again! WHAT WE WILL DO: ~ Learn relaxation tools and techniques to help you calm and clear the mind. This will help you pull yourself out of those negative ruts. ~ Self-confidence, self-worth and self-love activities. (with your complimentary notebook!) ~ Emotional healing. Helping you get out of the "should be's" in life. Helping you overcome any internal battles you've been fighting. ~ Empower one another, listen to one another, learn from one another, lift each other up. ~ Get to know the ladies around you. Build connections with ones who want to see you succeed! Join us for a Ladies Night Out dinner after the workshop! Learn more about Natalie, the Workshop, and saving your spot HERE: https://www.iamreadytoday.com/workshops-events Follow Natalie on FB: Natalie Saimeri Follow Natalie on Instagram: @nataliesaimeri Follow Natalie on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17R94p-TxDxqkKBGx2lIiw?view_as=subscriber ​

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Learn Simple Ways To Calm The Mind And Empower Yourself

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