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RSVP to a Guided Historic Tour of Abingdon 11.00 a.m. Saturday September 22nd
Dear all- our lovely Lorinda has said that a lot of you would have liked to have done the Historic tour of Abingdon which some of us so enjoyed in June. Therefore I have put this up again so - how about joining Lorinda (she is hosting this ) for a guided Historic Tour of Abingdon. Do you know how old Abingdon - it is one of the oldest it not the oldest settlement in England . I will leave several people to argue that point- I am not one for confrontation ! Meet at 11.00 by the arch next to St Nicholas' Church, opposite Market Place Abingdon. There the group will meet Kevin our guide, and the tour will take 1.5 hours approximately, so comfortable shoes a given. There is parking over the bridge near to the Nags Head on both sides of the bridge The cost is £10 per person, payable by 15th September please credit my bank account you should all have my details, but here they are again. Miss A J Fordyce[masked] Afterwards you are welcome to continue the enjoyment of the day with a pub lunch Lorinda will sort out which pub once I know we know how many people want to go, but it will most likely be the Broad Face or the Narrows, (any amount of people can go to the Narrows! )

St Nicholas Church Abingdon

18-19 Market Pl, Abingdon · Abingdon


What we're about

Hi I am Amanda and I started this group in April 2016 supported by my friend Jill, who gave me emotional support to do it ! It was a bit of a leap in the dark !

As singletons, we wished to extend our friendship group.I have been amazed by the response and we have made some fantastic friendships along the way !

However now a year and a half later, I am changing this group from a singles group to a social group!

This means we can welcome all people in our age group, whether they be single, married whatever!

Many of our new friends have volunteered to be event organizers and are now as involved as I am in providing a large variety of meetup events which have been really successful ! So If you find yourself sitting on the sofa alone to often , thinking wouldn't it be good to extend my/our social group, come and join us!

Our meet up groups meet regularly, and we discuss what our members would like to do on future meet ups. Men and women, all of that certain age that we find ourselves, are welcome. Its good to have a nice mix. The sky is the limit for what we could do as a group , (barring sky diving, actually possibly, this could be a bit hard on the knees! )

Our aim is to have fun, frivolity, laughs, and larks, and make some great friendships, along the way. Hold onto your hats! Do hope you can join us you may well enjoy it!

My commitment to you is to organise at least one event a week, of various types and locations. In the event of my being unable to attend a meetup, through sickness or holiday, I will ask another member if they will host it for me, and remunerate them for there time.

If anyone wants to make a suggestion for an event, I will happily undertake to organise it if is feasible and something that I feel will be a popular event for the group.

All events will be within a reasonable distance of Abingdon so members should not have that far to travel to venues. The exceptions are of course when holiday meetups are arranged!

I charge £24 subscription a year for being a member of the Nifty Fifty, Sassy Sixties social meet up group. This equates to 0.50p per meet up if you attend 4 in a month. I will need you to pay a pro rata subscription into my bank account 4 weeks after joining, whether or not you have attended events. This will enable you to have a taste of Nifty Fifties and Sassy Sixties before you subscribe. I will send a receipt to all those who pay into my account , and my bank details are listed below. I will need you to state your full name as a reference on the payment.

To try to make it clear, if someone wishes to join for example on 6th June 2018, they will pay £18 four weeks after joining ( 9 months payments whether or not they have attended any events) and then pay £24 again on 5th March 2019. The yearly subscription will always be due on that day for everyone

Miss A.J. Fordyce 09-01-29 account number 04352619

If you could message me privately when you have made payment that will help enormously in my double checking that I have received it.

There will be no refunds after the subscription has been paid.

There will still be costs for the members, for tickets to events, so each member will no doubt want to carefully consider whether they want to still be a member of the group.

The yearly subscription is an additional cost.!

Lastly fortunately, I have not had to ban very many people from the group, but if I have to in the future, a refund of your subscription will not be paid.

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