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My experience to date with a lot of Nigerians is they love a GOOD TALK & MOAN but TAKE NO ACTION.

Honestly speaking, I would rather you not send in a membership request if you are not about ACTION PARTICIPATION and T.E.A.M.

Nigerian Business Masterminds, is about DOING and totally believe in the philosophy called TEAM (Together Everybody Achieves More).

In business you need to be ahead of the curve to be successful, see what is coming around the corner in terms of trends and the next big thing and capitalise on the opportunity before everyone else wakes up to it.. Think Mark Essien(Hotels.ng), Shola Adekoya (Konga.com), Jason Njoku(IrokoTv), Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) and the list goes on.

If you suffer from the Me Me Me Syndrome or are risk averse and lack TRUST in yourself and in others then this is probably not a group for you.

The future of Nigeria is EXCITING! This group aims to connect individuals who want to engage in business, talk business, ideas, opportunities, problems, challenges,raising investments , barriers to entry etc when contemplating business opportunities in Nigeria.

Success wont come knocking on your door, you have to actively pursue it by knocking down barriers as it likes to be wooed.

I look forward to your request to join an UNSTOPPABLE MOVEMENT.

Nigerian Business Mastermind Team

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Using Other Peoples Money To Make Money

Online using Zoom - details will be e mailed


Rich People Wealthy People, Millionaires all use other peoples money to make themselves richer and wealthier, so why shouldn't you do the same, afterall, lesson 001 in Business school is all about OPM(Other Peoples Money). On The Day 1. Why use OPM 2. Where you can use OPM 3. How to attract OPM for your business ideas and venture 4. What you can do today to make (10-20%) using OPM?


Park Plaza County Hall Hotel

In simple terms GroExpo is building a multi Billion pound business that will span Africa, Uk and the Caribbeans. In the process of putting in all that hardwork you are sure to generate a considerable amount wealth for yourself and still get paid. If you have any of the skill sets or experience in the sectors below and you believe you have the right temperament to join our Billion dollar team then please show interest by RSVP'ing and I will be in touch before the meet up date. Corporate , Business & Financial Law Marketing (Online and Offline) Human Resources Business Development Finance Psychology Technology(Website development, Programming, Best Practise) Videography & Photography Graphic Designer Economist PR Events Organiser Business Management Currency Strategist Director of Marginal Gains More info @ www.groexpo.com. Ordinary folks doing Extraordinary things through GroExpo .

Joining As A Part Time Marketing & Sales Executive

Park Plaza County Hall Hotel

Our sponsors are looking for Marketing & Sales Executives with the right temperament and personality to actively engage in marketing and sales activities which will deliver tangible results for the organisation . For your efforts you will be rewarded handsomely with a competitive commission and pay package in addition to a possible superb career opportunity. Ideally you are dynamic individual able to demonstrate . a proven track record of managing both sales and marketing functions . Capable of demonstrating a track record of consistently leading and growing successful sales and marketing teams. . an ability to design marketing and sales campaigns that can be actioned to deliver results . have enough experience with most social media platforms and how to utilize them to deliver results . you are able to remain disciplined enough to work autonomously and with a team to deliver results . you have a day job already If this sounds like you then RSVP now and we will reach out to you before the meeting.


Online using Zoom - details will be e mailed

*IMPORTANT* Please read the content below to the end before rsvp'ing Think about it, the banks want you to leave your money sitting in their bank earning you a paltry 0.25% on the year while they the bank go on and use your money to generate no less than 19-35% on the year, a case in point your credit cards . Get smarter with your money. This meet up is all about having a diversified source of income #Secondary Income. POWER OF SMART MONEY is just one of many vehicles you can use to generate that extra bit of cash with one of the offers on the table being a Guaranteed 10% every few months. Also there is scope to JOIN, OBSERVE,LEARN & EARN from the Power Of Smart Money all from the comfort of your laptop or Smart phone. IMPORTANT: Only RSVP after you have visited the PSM page using the link below LINK: https://www.powerofsmartmoney.com/home/markets/

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