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Group Economics, Business, Investing, Networking, Supporting, Collaborating, Partnering, Building as individuals or as a team across Africa, Nigeria or the UK.

As Business Masterminds, we are all about action and less talking, getting ahead of the curve, seeing new trends and the next big thing before the rest of the world catches on.

As Business Masterminds you are mostly positioning yourself to be an Innovator or Early Adopter on most business opportunities. Mark Essien(Hotels.ng), Shola Adekoya (Konga.com), Jason Njoku(IrokoTv), Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook) and the list goes on.

Below are a few YouTube videos of business opportunities and activities introduced where some members have engaged and turned a profit

Financial Markets: https://youtu.be/Hu4Nc5Op0lU

DealMakers Den: https://youtu.be/Ok0Q-ine0C8

The future is Nigeria & Africa , so if you are about the above, I look forward to your request to join an UNSTOPPABLE MOVEMENT.

Nigerian Business Mastermind Team

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Billionaire In the Making: Follow His Moves & Benefit

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If you want to be Successful follow Success If you want to be Rich follow a Rich Person(s) If you want to achieve Big things follow and join a group of people doing Big Things If you want to quit the Rat Race sooner Follow Someone making Big Moves If you want to leave a legacy follow a Legacy Builder Like I said: I'm not a Businessman, I'm a *"Business" Mehn Creator of a 1000 Millionaires in 10, I have only just started to mobilize. Join the Movement: Smart Money : Smart Minds: Smart Moves Come and hear some good game and how your already good life can get even better going forward.


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WHEN YOU LEAVE What will you leave behind for your loved ones financially & economically? What positive impact will you have on people who will never meet you in the flesh but will forever whisper silent rest in eternal peace prayers to you? What will people say about you at your Eulogy? ON THE DAY 1. Introductions 2. Mindset & Why / 3. Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneuship 4. Positioning, Timing & Leverage 5. How, Actions, generating multiple revenue streams 6. Being Legally tax efficient & Structured 7. Strategic savings & Good Credit 8. Life, Critical health & Work Insurance 9. Estate Planning Asset (Wills & Trusts) 10. Your Mastermind Group Exciting Guest Speakers delivering you value on the day Natasha Henry : Urpriority Ltd CEO: Wealth Hatch CEO : TBC Aleka Gutzmoore: Financial Advisor Billionaire-Taj: Confirmed Value Add Guests shall grow over the next weeks, so will the RSVP Price so do get in early while tickets are cheap


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On every Man, woman and child first hierachy of needs is Food. Africa with 60% of the worlds arable lands still can not feed itself, is still not self sufficient and still relies heavily on importation of food. African Diasporians are well positioned to capitalize on generating wealth from the Agriculture space and the whole value chain. If making money from Agriculture makes sense to you then RSVP to this this vent where a breakdown on how to capitalize on the opportunities in the Agriculture space shall be unveiled.

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