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You must be over 21, human and have an ACTUAL recent in focus picture of yourself on your profile and real name. That's pretty much it. Single, married, divorced, widowed....your status is irrelevant. If you are new in town or are just having a hard time meeting quality people with similar interests...or work odd hours, whatever....this group is for you. If your only goal is to come and find a date or hook up, this is NOT the group for you. DO NOT send private messages to anyone you have not met in person, DO NOT provide your phone number or ask for anyone's in return if you have not already mutually agreed. We are trying to provide a safe and neutral environment to have fun and not be plagued by anyone out looking for a hook up.

Most of our meets are evening and late night. But that's not to say something might not pop up for morning or during the day. Everything is random. You are welcome to post in the discussion section if you are looking for last minute meets with members. You do so on your own and are responsible for any and all decisions made outside of the group.

Now for the common sense stuff, but I just want to make sure we are all on the same page:

1. I will NOT tolerate any online or in person harassment/violence....OF ANY KIND. We don't have to become best friends, but at least be tolerant and courteous to other members. If you feel this group isn't for you, you are free to leave at any time. You won't hurt my feelings. **If you experience any harassment, please bring it to my attention immediately so it can be dealt with accordingly. THIS MEANS NO SENDING PRIVATE MESSAGES UNLESS YOU'VE MET IN PERSON ALREADY....OR COMING TO AN EVENT LOOKING FOR A HOOK UP!

2. Please RSVP to the events. I need to get a count so I know how many places to save or if we will need reservations. If for some reason you are unable to attend, PLEASE cancel your RSVP or send me a message AT LEAST 1 DAY PRIOR TO THE EVENT. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

3. RESERVATION EVENTS: If you are a no call-no show to any reservation event, YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. I don't want to waste a spot for someone who really wanted to attend. Plus it puts me at risk for being charged by the venue. So please RSVP with integrity. Also, if you fail to show up or fail to call another member who has graciously offered tickets or an invite to something, you will be removed from the group. Your courtesy extends to them as much as me.

4. Please be respectful of other members and the staff at our meet ups. It's not always easy to handle large groups and so far our servers have been excellent and very tolerant. I don't ever want to be asked not to return. Venues reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Please bring cash as some places will not do separate checks and I will NOT be responsible for buying your dinner/drinks, tax/tip.

5. Last, but not least (and I'm having to repeat myself)....this is NOT a dating/hook up site. Nor is it for any trolls. Sending unsolicited private messages with inappropriate content will get you immediately banned and reported. I reserve the right to approve/not approve or remove any member at any time.

I can also be reached at: NightOwlLaurie@yahoo.com if you have questions or suggestions. Stay in touch also on Instagram: vegasniteowls

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HIGH ROCKTANE @ Strat Skypod Sat Oct 30

Stratosphere Hotel

FREE show featuring Kara and her amazing band HIGH ROCKTANE. Let’s make this more fun and attend in costume!
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Heart Benatar Tribute @Vamp’d

Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill

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