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I'm hoping that there are other dog owners who walk their dogs after dark. I've got a young Brittany that's got an awful lot of energy to burn off. I love walking her but I'm not a big fan of busy trails so I just prefer to take the path less traveled so we walk at night. A headlight and a flashlight for me and a flashing collar on the beast. My preference is to bushwhack but there is no shortage of nice paths in south eastern mass. My trails or yours it's all good. Its pretty tough getting lost around here. You can pretty much always hear cars or see light and a smartphone doesn't hurt. We're out now and the wind is howling. To many cracking tree's and branches so we're getting out of here. I cant imagine there being much interest in night time dog walking but I guess I'll find out. Thanks, John

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Let's give Two Mile Farm a shot.

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