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Hello! This is Jake and Ellie.

Jake is a bright, healthy guy who actually lived in Taiwan for two years. He loves the Chinese culture, and learned how to speak, listen, read, and even write Mandarin during the time that he spent in Taiwan. Ellie is a native to Taiwan, and she lived in America for a year and a half, where she became fluent in English. We were married April 2018 and just recently moved to Taiwan!

We first learned about essential oils one year ago, and since then we have continued to learn about them and share them with everyone that we come in contact with. The power of essential oils is much stronger than you can imagine, and it is the best way to help your body to overcome the variety of health problems that we deal with everyday. From headaches and upset stomachs to depression and anxiety, we promise that there is an oil that will help you. Come experience the magic of essential oils with us!

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Jake是一個健康陽光的大男孩,曾住在台灣兩年,並說得一口流利的中文, 聽說讀寫都難不倒他。 Ellie是土生土長的台灣女孩,曾經也在美國生活了一陣子。2018年四月我們在美國結婚了,最近剛搬回來台灣住。

我們在去年的暑假開始接觸及研究精油。 從那個時候開始我們邊學邊分享給我們週遭所有的人。 精油的力量是超乎我們所能想像的,而且是一個最好的方法幫助你的身體克服各種不同的健康問題。 從頭痛,肚子痛到憂鬱,緊張... 我們保證在這裡你一定能找到適合並且能幫助你的精油。 來和我們一起體驗精油的魅力吧!


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