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    Closed. Supporters only. Not ready for RSVPs... This is a week day event EVENT HOST(S): Larry (http://www.meetup.com/NightPhotography/members/10471288/), Moe and Curly ABOUT THIS EVENT SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS (please read this first (http://www.meetup.com/NightPhotography/pages/You_MUST_Read_This/) if you have questions) You must join the waitlist to be eligible to attend this event. You must have a YES RSVP to actually attend. 10 Supporter spaces will be determined by Lottery two weeks prior to the event 5 spaces are available to anyone via the lottery. Supporters Only People with prior No Shows will be ignored in the lottery and removed from attendance. A no show (http://www.meetup.com/NightPhotography/pages/Why_Am_I_Marked_as_a_No_Show/) to this event will be recorded. You must withdraw from the event 3 days before it starts or you will be counted as a no show. Guests (1) are permitted. Bringing undeclared guests will be treated the same as a no-show. We often email details about location or important meetup related infomation please check your email settings (http://www.meetup.com/NightPhotography/pages/Suggested_Email_settings_%28So_you_don%27t_get_SPAMed%29) and SPAM filter COST SCHEDULE <5:20 PM Begin Ascent from the trail head using the Horse Heaven Trail (to the right) STEEP! 6:55 PM Summit 7:08 PM Sunset 7:50 PM Begin Descent (the prettiest color always occurs about 20-30 minutes after sunset) 9:30 PM Return to starting location.> FURTHER DETAILS WHAT TO BRING headlamp and flashlight warm sweater knit hat light gloves. a liter of Gatorade or the equivalent Snacks Camera, tripod, film/memory cards, extra battery Recommended Lens(es) Intervalometer DIRECTIONS How to get to the carpool or event location(s) PARKING Where to park. CARPOOL LOCATIONS If appropriate, suggested locations to meet for a carpool and/or carpool status. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Q: How do I know if I'm ready to do this? A: Are your feet, knees and ankles in good shape? Do you have the proper footwear and clothing? Can you walk up and down 20 flights of stairs in 15 minutes without dying? If you have further questions ask below in the comments.